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$50,000 Giveaway for Referral Contest

Huobi Futures will launch the “$50,000 Giveaway for Referral Contest in India campaign. Find All New Year 2022 Contest, Happy New Year Contest, Year 2022 Contest, Giveaway New Year 2022, Welcome 2022 Contest, good bye 2021 Contest. This is only for Indian users! Join the referral contest to grab $50,000. The more friends you invite, the more rewards you will receive! Please refer to the promotion announcement for more detail.

Get Free DOIG And SHIB
How To Participate Giveaway & Win?
1. Play Huobi Referral Giveaway Click Here
2. Register or Login Your Huobi 
3.  Once the invitee’s trading volume of USDT-margined contracts reaches 1,000 USDT or above during the campaign, both the inviter and the invitee can share the corresponding prize pools.

Meanwhile, all participants will be ranked by the number of valid invitees and the top 100 participants can receive rewards in correspondence to their rankings.  Sub-accounts and market makers are not allowed to participate in this campaign; sub-account’s trading volume will be combined into its main account; Valid invitees refer to friends whom they have invited registered an account with Huobi Global, activated USDT-margined contract trading and its trading volume reaches 1,000 USDT, and conducted no malicious behaviors during the campaign

Contest End : 9th January

Click The Link Below To Participate Giveaway

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