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You're invited Join The OnePlus 8th Anniversary Inside Christmas Contest, Christmas Giveaway, Holiday Giveaway, Christmas 2021 Contest, XMas Contest, Santa Secrets Gift, Santa Contest Happy New Year 2022 Contest. Hey, MaalFreeKaa's Fans, Join the epic Flip Card Challenge. It's easy lip all six car to unlock your exclusive offers. Play Now an discover the inside story o OnePlus. These OnePlus Flip Card Challenge Campaign To be eligible to participate in the Campaign, you should be an individual aged above 18 years and legal resident of the Republic of India.  Each participant has to sign in the OnePlus account to join the Campaign.

Flip Card Challenge Contest Play And Win
How To Participate OnePlus 8th Anniversary Contest?
1. Play OnePlus Bold & Boundless 8th Anniversary Contest Click Here
2. Register or Login Your OnePlus Account
3. Play Survey, Flip Card Challenge, & More Contest
4. Lucky MFK Winners Win Free Exciting Prizes

Each participant can choose to finish any tasks (defined as below) to gain the chance of flipping a card. The card can be flipped at random order. Participants can only flip 1 card each day verification of filling in the survey; c) share current web page to social platforms. Once all the cards completed flipping, participants can customize the name and download the card for sharing  Campaign Period: The Campaign will commence on 10AM IST, 9th December and shall close on 12PM IST, 17th December

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Contest End : 17th Dec.

Click The Link Below To Play OnePlus 8th Anniversary Campaign.

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