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Realme exchange offer with AGNI. Register by filling all the required details on this link during the registration window Find All Republic Day Contest, New Year 2022 Contest, Happy New Year Contest, Year 2022 Contest, Giveaway New Year 2022, Welcome 2022 Contest & Giveaway Alert. An AGNI Mitra will be automatically assigned who will visit your registered address with an appointment You need to have your Real me 8s 5G- 6GB/8GB (henceforth called as device) ready for exchange. The AGNI Mitra will check for the readiness of your device. If step 4 is okayed, your device will be taken and you will be given India's only 5G Smartphone - AGNI 5G. Agni Mitra will assist you in transferring data from your device to the new AGNI 5G.

LAVA AGNI 5G Smartphone Get free
Here's how you can exchange your Realme 8s for AGNI 5G
Step 1: Register by filling all the required details Click Here
Step 2: AGNI Mitra will contact you to schedule an appointment for the exchange.
Step 3:Agni Mitra will deliver your new AGNI 5G along with the invoice.

The customer will be given an invoice which they can keep safe for any future reference Once the device is exchanged, the customer becomes the rightful owner of AGNI 5G and Lava International Limited becomes the rightful owner of customer's device. Lava International Limited has the rights to the device after the exchange and can use at their discretion. This exchange offer is limited to first come first served basis or till stocks last.

Register Close : 7th January, 2022

Click The Link Below To Register For Exchange 

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