Private 5G Networks Quiz Contest Answer & Win Prizes

Watch this video on Private 5G Networks to get clues that help you answer the quiz questions and win! One of the most promising features of 5G is non-public networks, or private 5G networks. The most recent 5G release provides new levels of support for private 5G networks that are independently owned, managed and secured. Watch the video below and participate in this quiz through the form to get a chance to win Amazon eGift vouchers!

1. What would be the correct description of your job profile?
Answer: As You Like

2. In which sector did India conduct its 1st successful private 5G trial?
Answer: Automotive

3. According to JP Morgan, by which year is 5G expected to enable $700+ Billion in global Enterprise Opportunity?
Answer: 2030

4. What are the characteristics of 5G networks according to this video?
Answer: All Options Above
Watch 5g Video and Win Prizes
How Can Private 5G Networks Set & Win?
1. Play Private 5G Networks Quiz Contest Click Here
2. Watch The Private 5G Network Video
3. Answer Few Simple Question 
4. Fill Your Details Correctly
5. Lucky MFK Winners Win Free Amazon Gift Card Worth Rs 500

These non-public networks allow sensitive data collected from Industrial IoT deployments to remain on-site, while improving latency for applications within the facility. Submit your answers through this form to get a chance to win Amazon eGift vouchers of Rs500. Catch up on the tech landscape of Private 5G Networks – where we were, where we are, and where we are going. Once you’ve watched the video, participate in our quiz for the chance to win Rs500 vouchers! We will email you once the winners are announced.

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