ORIGINAL Galaxy Lamp with Unlimited Colors & Smartphone

More Smartphone Lamp Make More Colorful Room and Office with "Galaxy Lamp". Here's Best Online Deals for you you can buy in single click. If you’re consumed by the rat-race of life, slow things down with a must-have lifestyle accessory that turns ANY room into a NASA playground. There’s just something about space that recenters us and puts everything into perspective. . And the lamp itself? You’ll discover a highly rugged surface that feels like it’s fallen straight from the stars, glowing silently as you work, rest, or play. . Immerse yourself in advanced 3D technology that floods your space in world-class satellite imagery from NASA themselves.
Galaxy Lamp Buy Online

How To Use ORIGINAL Galaxy Lamp & Smartphone With Best Offer Deals?

1. Buy ORIGINAL Galaxy Lamp Click Here

2. Price With ORIGINAL Lamp $49.99

3. 4 interest-free installments of $12.50

If you have Question We Have answer read below:
Question: Is the smart app required to use the Galaxy Lamp?
Answer: Our app is not required but without it, you are limited to 6 different color modes. Using our smart app unlocks the rest of the features like voice control, custom scenes, automations and so much more.

Question: How big is the Galaxy Lamp?
Answer: Both the Galaxy and Moon Lamp are 6 inches in diameter.

Question: Is the Galaxy Lamp battery operated?
Answer: The Galaxy Lamp isn't battery operated and needs to be plugged in. It comes with a 6 foot USB cable and wall adapter.

Question: Does the Galaxy Lamp emit heat when turned on?
Answer: All of our lamps are very efficient and produce little to no heat. They are completely safe for your children and pets.

Included ORIGINAL Galaxy Lamp Feature and Smart Mode:

1) Transform Your Space
A. It's Perfect for Any Room
The Galaxy Lamp is a meticulously-crafted beauty designed using high-quality NASA satellite images. Its rugged surface is reminiscent of a star in the night sky, boasting incredible detail guaranteed to steal the show whenever guests come over to play.

B. Safe for the Whole Family
Empower a friend or family member to hold the moon in their hands, equipped with every crater and dead lunar volcano. Seeing as the Moon Lamp is made using 100% safe and non-toxic materials, it’s the perfect gift for space-obsessed kids too!

C. The Ultimate Gift
Give that special someone a present they’ll never forget, with the original Galaxy Lamp. It’s enough to transform even the dullest of nights into a stellar evening of magic - perfect for bedtime reading or a relaxing soak in the tub.

2) Galaxy Projector App Features
Our smart app allows you to take full control of the Galaxy Projector.

3) Intergalactic Features
Bring the galaxy down-to-earth with Galaxy Lamp's newest innovation.
Smart App Integration, 360° rotating dynamic projection, Voice Control, Unlimited Color Options

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