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REDMAGIC up your game last 3 day to build your REDMAGIC 8 Pro and get a chance to win a Free phone. Join our launch event and get a chance to win the all-new REDMAGIC 8 Pro for FREE!  REDMAGIC 8 Pro Price releasing. Subscribe to get a $15 off coupon and the latest news of REDMAGIC 8 Pro! We will invite you back on the release day. Join our game to build a REDMAGIC 8 Pro by using the elements provided. Build it correctly for a chance to win a FREE REDMAGIC 8 Pro and other exclusive offers on Jan.28th

REDMAGIC 8 Pro New Phone FREE Giveaways

How Can REDMAGIC 8 Pro Get FREE or Win?

1. Play REDMAGIC 8 Pro Launch GIVEAWAY Click Here

2. Join The Build REDMAGI 8 Pro By Submit Your Email

3. If you Qualified for Build REDMAGIC 8 Pro In Lucky Draw

4. Lucky MFK Winners Win Free REDMAGIC 8 Pro Phone and more

To get an Early Bird Voucher, participants must purchase a $1 Early Bird Voucher starting on January 28th. Starting on February 2nd, participants may use their Early Bird Vouchers to save $30 on their REDMAGIC 8 Pro purchases. Participants must be based in a country/region that we ship to in order to use the 50% off coupon code. For a full list of countries/regions we ship to. Participants must subscribe with a valid email address to participate. To get an Early Bird Voucher, participants must purchase a $1 Early Bird Voucher starting on January 28th. Starting on February 2nd, participants may use their Early Bird Vouchers to save $30 on their REDMAGIC 8 Pro purchases.

REDMAGIC 8 Pro In Build With Below Feature:

Simple And Futuristic Design
The Fastest Chip Ever
Super Long-lasting Battery Life
True Full AMOLED Screen
50 MP Triple Lens Camera
ICE 11.0 Cooling System
960 Hz Touch Sampling Rate
Refined Audio, RGB Lights

REDMAGIC 8 Pro Brief Features:

1. Transport yourself to the gaming dimension in style with the sci-fi-inspired design of the 8 Pro. See the inner workings of your machine at play through the quirky translucent design and the interactive RGB lights on the back that transform this gaming smartphone into a stunning masterpiece that’s geared for victory.
2. Perform every task with speed and ease on your device, REDMAGIC 8 Pro has as ultra-quick refresh rate of 120Hz courtesy of the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, and an incredible operating speed of 8.5 Gbps delivered by the most advanced LPDDR5X RAM. UFS 4.0 providing almost twice the power of the previous generation Storage and file read-write speeds are also optimized.
3. Enjoy Super smooth and stable gameplay on the REDMAGIC 8 Pro thanks to the power of AI in the new snapdragon 8 Gen 2.
4. 6000mAh two 300mAh batteries. REDMAGIC 8 Pro is the fastest charging gaming smartphone to ensure you stay a level above the rest with 65W Get back to gaming faster.
5. It recaches peak brightness at 1300 nits for undefeated displays even when you're gaming outdoors. An Enhanced AMOLED screen that utilizes the latest generation of UDC technology to Deliver more than 2 million pixels of visual brilliance for breathtaking and unobscured views.
6. 20,000 RPM High-speed Turbofan The heat from the phone is channeled to the REDMAGIC’s new and improved built-in turbofan where it is quickly blown away and replaced with cool air.
7. The improved sound component delivers epic acoustics so you can enjoy the crisp details in every sound whether you're gaming or enjoying some downtime with videos. The rear RGB lights come alive to interact with all sound for a feel of the future.
8. Capture magnificent scenes of your daily life with a camera that complements the power of the REDMAGIC 8 Pro. One of the three cameras is a 50 MP main lens with impeccable low light performance that lets you create magical images any time of day for the creative energy that never rests. It also features an 8MP wide-angle lens and a dedicated 2MP macro lens for detailed clarity up-close.

Who's Participate REDMAGIC 8 PRO Giveaways & Join to WIN FREE?

Residents of all countries of the world with the exception of residents of USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, UK, Landon, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Australia, Austria, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Africa, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Trinidad & Tobago, Netherlands, France, Brazil, Italy, New Zealand, Zamia, Jamaica, South Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Nigeria, South Africa, Indonesia, Morocco & Vietnam Belarus, Burma, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Zimbabwe, or any United States of America Sanctioned Country, and/or countries that prohibit participation in online giveaways. Now We Are High Ranked Web in Publish Insurance Car Insurance Article for reward Giveaway, Contest, Free Sample. All federal, state and local, provincial, city and municipal laws and regulations apply.

Contest Duration:
 January 28th at 7 AM EST

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