Warm Winter Recipe Contest Win Prizes

Warm Winter Recipe Contest Win Prizes

Warming up Body & Soul is winter continues, so does our craving for warm, comforting foods. It’s also a time to keep up your immunity. This week, we bring you recipes to warm your belly, and guides to get your diet winter-ready. During winter, it's important to stay warm in more ways than one. Consuming slow-digesting foods will help keep our body temperature up for longer. 

From root vegetables to nuts, here's our list of superfoods that will not only keep you warm but protect you against seasonal ailments. Share your favourite winter recipe and stand a chance of winning a bb gift card worth Rs. 500!

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Share Winter Recipe And Win Prizes
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How To Share Warm Winter Recipe Contest Win Prizes?

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Note: Good images increase the chances of your recipe being selected to be showcased on the bigbasket website homepage.

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We all know that seasons influence what we eat: hotter food during the winter and colder food during summer. But what does Ayurveda say about hot and cold foods? In this next blog, learn how your body type influences what you should be eating, based on Ayurvedic principles.

Contest End: 17th January

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