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Welcome to the 2023-2024 edition of the Top Products on Amazon, ClickBank, and more! The fact that January passed by so quickly only means that you have more time this month to find a lucrative offer. We've got you covered for 2023, whether you're new to affiliate marketing, Amazon, ClickBank, or just an established marketing veteran looking for your next offer to promote. This year, Protamine, a powerful men's health product, emerges at the top of the list, followed by Revive Daily. As we discuss these top 10 ClickBank, Amazon goods for 2023, keep reading!

Best Online Performing with High Paying Products Tables

daily revival daily revival Revive Daily has been climbing the leaderboards on ClickBank for the past three months, and now it has finally reached the top! The item is a potent supplement made to support sound sleep, anti-aging, and weight loss by replenishing growth hormone, one of the body's most critical hormones. Additionally, Revive has 8 unique nutrients that help both men and women get better, deeper sleep and increase their GH production. It's hardly surprising that an audience of 35 and older responds best to Revive Daily. Test out this deal right away, please!

Hop Conversion Rate: 1.92% EPC: $3.06 APV: $156.89

Food Stop Food Eat Stop Eat has experienced an incredible resurgence into the top 10 over the last six months, and it is currently in position #2! One of the first online programmers for intermittent fasting weight loss, it made its debut back in 2007. A physical or digital book, VIP email mentoring, and a free fast start guide are all included in the package! Even better, it's keeping up an astonishing conversion rate of over 6%! Regarding its other data, Eat Stop Eat boasts an upsell conversion rate of 40%, a commission rate of up to 90% for affiliates that are whitelisted, and a tone of swipes and other tools for affiliates to use. 

This is excellent. This is one of the many Brad Pilon items you can market and is a wonderful non-supplement weight loss offer to evaluate, especially in Q1. Find out more below!

Hop Conversion Rate: 6.42% EPC: $1.62 APV: $25.28

ProDentim has recovered and moved back up to third place. Since it originally appeared on ClickBank's marketplace, it has been a potent oral health product. The composition for the standard swallowable pill supplement is altered by this "melting probiotic candy." ProDentim is made to improve the condition of teeth and gums while concentrating on the microbiome. With this one, concentrate on audiences aged 35 and up. The product's EPC fell from $2.23 to $2.05 to $1.84 before stabilising at $1.85. ProDentim has defied all conventions as a dental offer, defeating other weight reduction products on ClickBank in 2022. (and 2023 so far).

Hop Conversion Rate = 1.37% EPC = $1.85 APV = $135.42

Do you know someone who has had trouble losing weight? Then they must attempt Alpilean. This solution, which is supported by clinical research, contains 6 potent alpine nutrients and herbs to aid with weight loss. Although its Hop Conversion Rate could be higher, this product's EPC is strong, and it offers a tempting deal of two free extras with the purchase of three or six bottles. As a result, it has moved up to the number two slot. Additionally, the affiliate page's product photos and email swipes will make it extra simpler to advertise this item.

Hop Conversion Rate = 1.18% EPC = $1.76 APV = $148.98

Ikaria Lean Belly Juice is still a remarkably effective dietary supplement that modifies the conventional formula by using a novel delivery system: a powder that can be dissolved in a morning beverage as opposed to yet another pill. This offer will occasionally rank in the top 3 in 2022 and will eventually reach position #5! Increasing healthy uric acid levels is a revolutionary weight loss strategy used by Lean Belly Juice. Natural fat-burning components, such as resveratrol, citrus pectin, and fucoxanthin, are responsible for this impact.

Hop Conversion Rate = 0.97% EPC = $1.40 APV = $144.11

6. Prostadine Category: Dietary Supplements: prostadine
Prostadine, a distinct prostate dropper supplement, bills itself as a "new monster in the prostate health category." Benefits include improved sleep and a consistent, powerful urine flow. The product features excellent upsells, little refunds, and creatives that convert well. It's ideal for a variety of audiences aged 45+, including those with ED or poor libido, an interest in complementary medicine, and those in general.

Hop Conversion Rate = 1.15% EPC = $1.54 APV = $134.18

Since its first launch in October 2021, this "tropical weight loss" product has consistently ranked among the top 10 offers on ClickBank. Amazingly, it is still in business today. Once more, Exipure barely boasts the top offer with the greatest average payout of $149.53! If you're interested, their affiliate resources page has everything you need, including promotional links, email swipes, product photos, and much more.

Hop Conversion Rate = 0.75% EPC = $1.12 APV = $149.91

Want proof? It might be difficult to believe, but Hyperbolic Stretching currently boasts a conversion rate of more than 4% whereas the majority of the goods on this list enjoy a conversion rate of between 1 and 2%! That level of success is impossible to achieve without a well-tuned sales page and high-quality products. The only issue is that you need to get permission in order to advertise this one, and they only allow a specific amount of affiliates to do so at once. But after you're accepted, you can essentially make money off of a proven offer with tailored funnels for both male and female audiences at a reasonable fee.

Hop Conversion Rate = 4.19% EPC = $0.94 APV = $22.10

Glucotrust is a supplement that helps support healthy blood sugar levels, curb cravings, promote healthy blood flow and circulation, and provide a deeper and more restful sleep.

Hop Conversion Rate = 0.60% EPC = $0.91 APV = $152.99

10. Kerassentials Category: Beauty: kerassent
Kerassentials is a blend of oils that fights fungus resistance while improving the overall health of the nails and skin. Though the EPC and Hop Conversion Rate could be better which caused this product to drop two spots on our list, this product boasts characteristics such as being Non-GMO and being plant-based, facts that anyone can appreciate. Not only that, but this is perfect for people of all ages who experience problems regarding their skin and nails.

Hop Conversion Rate 0.83% EPC = $1.08 APV = $130.26

Of course, for more top offers goodness, be sure to check out the newly-updated dating top offers products for 2023, just in time for Valentine’s Day! This month, you’ll notice plenty of movement among the top supplements Revive Daily is still pretty new to the top products rankings, and it’s already managed to hit the coveted #1 spot on our list – be sure to promote it while it’s hot!

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