Cadbury 5 Star Valentine's Day Mush Detector Win Prizes

Cadbury 5Star, has launched a campaign to help singles navigate through the love-sick zones and dodge couples this Valentine’s Day. The microsite uses GPS to help singles avoid ‘mush’ in their vicinity so they can ‘Do Nothing’ in peace. To enter the Activation, Buy Cadbury 5star Mush Detector Valentine's Day Promo Pack and the Participant shall scan the QR code printed on the pack of Product or enter the microsite through social media advertisement which will lead You to the Activation site. This Activation is being made purely on a "best effort" basis and participation in this Activation is at your sole discretion and on a voluntary basis.

5star Mush Detector Contest

How Play Cadbury 5 Star Valentine's Day Mush Detector Contest?

1. Buy Cadbury 5 Star Valentine's Day Mush Detector Promo Pack
2. Scan The QR Code on Promo Pack Or Visit 5Star Mush Detector Contest Weblink
3. Enter Your Mobile Number and Verified with Much Detector Code (OTP)
4. Now Enter Your Name & Email Address
5. Required the your Location Allow it
6. Track the mushy places or Report mushy places
7. Lucky MFK winners Win Big Prizes.

Note: Mush Detector App uses the services of Google API, web mapping platform in relation to Valentine’s Day. The App uses Google API to generally identify popular places on Valentines' day The Participant can track the places on Valentine’s Day. The Participant can also use the app at their sole discretion to report mush wherever they spot Valentine Day gathering. Based on the reporting the mush, the Participant may be eligible to win an Assured Prize. Along with this, AR feature helps in showing the level of mush through camera also

Prize Detail in Mush Detector
Mondelez at its sole discretion will select UP TO 375 Winners basis a computerized randomizer The Winner may be eligible to win one of the following prizes, at the sole discretion of Mondelez:
1. Lucky MFK winners Win Free Air purifier – 100 qty
2. Lucky MFK winners Win Free Blue tinted glasses – 100 qty
3. Lucky MFK winners Win Free Trip vouchers– 75 qty
4. Lucky MFK winners Win Free Noise cancellation headphones – 100 qty
5. Lucky MFK winners Win Free Cadbury 5 Star – 200 boxes

Winner Selection, Winner Announcement and Contacting Winners:
The reward Winners will be contacted by the Activation Partner through calls, direct messages, WhatsApp, email, posts etc. By accepting these T&Cs you signify your consent to be contacted for the purpose of this Activation including for procuring additional information that may be required for delivering of Prizes where applicable. There are maximum of UP TO 575 Prizes for reporting mush subject to the T&Cs. All participants who report mush shall be referred to as “Winners”. The Prizes are funded by Mondelez under this Activation, Each Participant would be eligible to win only if he/ she has participated in the Activation in the manner provided under the “Details of the Activation and How to Enter” section given in these T&Cs.

Contest Duration:
This Activation will commence from 00:01 a.m. 01/02/2023 and end at 11:59 p.m. on 15/02/2023

Click The Link Below To Play 5star Much Detector

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