Coffee & Mint Toothpaste - Free Sample

Coffee & Mint Toothpaste - Free Sample

Coffee & Mint Toothpaste - Free Sample

Free Sample : Dente91 Coffee & Mint Toothpaste

Are you surfing Sensitivity tooth? Here's the solution try free Dente91 Coffee & Mint Toothpaste with Free shipping. Give your teeth the best care along with the refreshing flavour of Coffee & Mint with Dente91 Toothpaste. Dente91 Coffee & Mint Toothpaste, Sensitivity Relief, Repairs Cavities, Fights Gum Disease, Reduces Bad Breath, Strengthens Enamel, SLS Free, Fluoride Free, Paraben Free, 20g Free pack book your free sample now.

How To Get Free Sample Dente91 Coffee & Mint Toothpaste?

1. Order Your Free Sample "Coffee & Mint Toothpaste" Click Here
2 Click One "Collect The Sample Now"
3. Verify Your Email or Mobile Number Via OTP
4. Now Enter Your Shipping Details
5. Place The Order To Confirmed
6. All Free Sample you received at home with Free Shipping.

Coffee & Mint Toothpaste Benefit:

1. Reduces Plaque
2. Reduces Hypersensitivity
3. Repairs Cavities
4. Antibacterial and Antifungal
5. Natural remineralization of teeth
6. Lactoferrin kills bacteria and fungus, reduces bad breath
7. Toothpaste helps to strengthen teeth enamel

Brush for two minutes twice daily and smile naturally and confidently with long lasting oral freshness

Why is there no fluoride in Dente91 toothpaste?

Nano- Hydroxyapatite is a more natural form of tooth and hence does basically the same function of remineralization in a more natural form. Further, multiple clinical studies have proved Nano- Hydroxyapatite to be at par if not better than Fluoride as a demineralizing agent. Thus, we believe that Nano- Hydroxyapatite may serve to be a better remineralizing agent rather than fluoride which has inherent issue of fluorosis, howsoever miniscule the occurrence may be.

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