Knowledge Knockout Contest Answer Win Daily

Knowledge Knockout Contest Answer Win Daily

Knowledge Knockout Contest Answer Win Daily

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Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer

Questions: What’s the name of the Kolkata girl who co-edited Elephant Whisperers ?
Answer : Sanchari Das Mollick

Questions : What issue does the Kavach app tackle?
Answer: Cyberbullying

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 24th March
Question : In which state is the ST Radar developed to map monsoon winds located?
Answer: The Advanced Centre for Atmospheric Radar Research,(ACARR) at the Cochin University of Science and Technology in Kochi, "Kerala"

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 25th March
Question : Who was the brain behind this event?
Answer : "Colonel Nachhatar Singh Johal" (commanding officer of Army Yachting Node a 2008 Beijing Games Olympian The Optimist Asian and Oceanian Championship was held in Mumbai from December 13-20, 2022)

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 26th March
Question : Since 2015, which city has ranked first in government’s Swachh Survekshan?
Answer : Indore

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 27th March
Question :  What's the name of this French writer?  ​(This French writer is the winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize for Literature.)
Answer : Annie Ernaux

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 28th March
Question : Which institution brokered the treaty? (The Indus Water Treaty is a water sharing treaty between India and Pakistan, giving rights of usage over six rivers to either country. The treaty was signed in 1960.)
Answer : World Bank

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 29th March
Question : What day recognised by UNESCO, falls on February 21? (​In 1948, Governor General of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah announced that “Urdu and Urdu alone” would be the state language. On February 21, 1952, people in Dhaka defied government orders and gathered at Dhaka University to fight for their write to speak Bengali. In 1999, UNESCO recognised February 21 as an important day.)
 Answer : International Mother Language Day

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 30th March
Question : Prof Svante Paabo won the Nobel prize in which category? (​Swedish scientist Prof Svante Paabo, the 2022 Nobel laureate, brought to light the differences between Homo sapiens and our closest extinct relatives. His research has given us a better means of answering what makes human beings truly different.)
Answer : Physiology or Medicine

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 31st March
Question : How many GMs (out of the 79) have come in the last 5 years? (India built the 2nd biggest army of Chess GMs in 35 years, second only to Russia. While the country would find its first GM in Viswanathan Anand only in 1988, there are now 79 Indian GMs. The Maruti 800 came five years before India’s first chess grandmaster title.)
Answer : 27

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Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 1st April
Question : What’s the name of the forest service officer who raised Khairi, the tigress? ( ​Like Elsa, the African lioness made famous by the books of Joy Adamson and the movie based on them, Born Free, the story of Khairi the tigress is one of all-conquering love. The tigress was raised by a legendary forest service officer, first field director of Odisha’s Similipal Tiger Reserve, and his cousin Nihar Nalini Swain, who was really a mother to the tigress. )
Answer : Saroj Raj Choudhury

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 2nd April
Question : What is the name of the spacecraft? (This is an American spacecraft orbiting Mars to study the loss of its atmospheric gases to space and providing insight into the history of the planet’s climate and water. Its name also means a person who has special knowledge or experience.)
Answer : MAVEN

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 3rd April
Question : The shade of blue in the Argentina football team's jersey originated in the 18th Century under which King's rule? (Argentina Football team's blue and white jersey has deep roots in their history. The story dates back to the Byzantine Empire and is a fascinating ride through history.)
Answer : King Charles III

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 4th April
Question : Who along with Mary D'Souza was among the first women to represent India at the 1952 Olympics? (Mary D'Souza, sprinter and a hockey player broke the national record in the 200-metre hurdle race at the first Asian Games in Delhi in 1951 and was among the first women to represent India at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.)
Answer : Nilima Ghose

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 5th April
Question : What percentage of all pilots in India are women? (Female pilots are no longer a rarity in India, making the country a success story when it comes to diversity in the airline industry. India has the highest percentage of female pilots globally.)
Answer : 12.4%

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 6th April
Question : How many pages does the India's first AI-written book have? (Fluid AI, a startup that creates AI chatbots for business has published what it claims to be the India's first book wrtten by AI. The book is titled 'Bridging the gap with AI.)
Answer : 102

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 7th April
Question : How many women did the Odisha's serial groom conned into marrying him?(A man from Odisha’s Kendrapara district allegedly conned many women across 10 states in India into marrying him. Finally, all the women came together to expose him.)
Answer : 18

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 8th April
Question : How much money vanished overnight from the bank? (A man with crumpled jeans discreetly robbed a bank in Bhopal on a chilly October evening. Nobody heard or saw anything. The following morning, when the cops arrived, everything was in order. Except for the hole in the safe, the broken locks, and the broken glass on the floor. Indeed Bhopal's money heist.)
Answer : 25 Lakh

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 9th April
Question : Upto how many days can the Impella remain in the human body? (
​Heart pumps arrived in the 1960s when American experts devised an intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP). Impella is possibly the world’s smallest heart pump. The Impella can currently pump up to 5 litres per minute, up from 2.5 litres when it was initially deployed in 2008. It has been used in over 2.5 lakh patients worldwide, primarily in the West where it is used in heart procedures for most patients with complex heart disease/conditions.)
Answer : 14

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 10th April
Question : The water generators were installed by which Israeli company? (​Can we obtain drinking water directly from the air at home and in the office? Although it has always been theoretically possible, but now it’s being done for the first time on a fairly big scale in India. In the Men's Hockey World Cup, stadiums in Bhubaneswar and Rourkela had stands where spectators could purchase cups of water-from-air. In addition to conserving valuable groundwater, this technology will also help in improving air quality.)
Answer : Watergen

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 11th April
Question : What's the name of this Indian Air Force pilot? (An Indian Air Force helicopter pilot made history on February 10th, 2001, when she became the first Indian woman to fly across the Siachen Glacier. She is also the first woman to touch base at the world’s highest Advanced Landing Ground in Siachen at 18,000 feet. She also holds the record, along with her sister, for being the first sister-duo as pilot and co-pilot. They feature in the Limca Book of Record for achieving this feat.)
Answer : Namrita Chandi
(Namrita Chandi, First Woman Indian Air Force Pilot To Fly Over Siachen, Broke A Jinx)

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 12th April
Question : The Hanle reserve is located how many metres above the sea level?(The first 'dark sky reserve' or 'night sky sanctuary' in India is located in a cluster of six hamlets that form Hanle village inside the Changthang Cold Desert Wildlife Sanctuary in southwestern Ladakh. It is one of the highest locations in the world for celestial body observation and gathering scientific data about the universe.)
Answer : 4,500m

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 13th April
Question : How many laddoos were discovered by the scientists? (During a recent excavation in Rajasthan, Indian scientists discovered which are apparently as old as the Indus Valley Civilisation. The study was jointly comducted by Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences in Lucknow and the Archaeological Survey of India. It throws light on the types of food grain that were used in making food balls, which reveal contemporary farming practices by the Harappan people.)
Answer : Seven

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 14th April
Question : What's the name of this woman Flying Officer who scripted Indian Air Force history?(Despite having women in various posts, women have never served in combat roles in the Indian Air Force. Till 2015 that is, when it started a programme to induct women as fighter pilots. The trial programme resulted in the hiring of the first female fighter pilots in 2016. Only three women were commissioned as fighter pilots in the initial group. One of the 3 women pilots created history in May 2022. The Flying Officer and her father, Air Commodore Sanjay Sharma, flew in the same formation. It was a first for the Indian Air Force.)
Answer : Ananya Sharma

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 15th April
Question : How many kms of Metro is operational in Mumbai at present?(Mumbai, the country’s most vehicle-congested city, is witnessing a complete infrastructure revamp, as far as public transport is concerned. The aim -- reduce its infamous traffic jams and ease urban travel. The Maximum City recently got two Metro rail lines.)
Answer : 45

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 16th April
Question : In which town is the country's first 'agarbatti park' located? (Located in Nagpur district and about an hour’s drive from the city in Maharashtra’s Vidarbha region lies this town, which now finds itself on India’s industrial map thanks to the ubiquitous agarbatti. A cluster of 42 micro units have come up here dedicated to the production of incense sticks. And what’s more, the country’s first ‘agarbatti park’ is entirely managed and run by women.)
Answer : Umred

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 17th April
Question : How many women were inducted in the first batch of 2585 Agniveers? (On March 28, first batch of 2,585 Agniveers were inducted as sailors in the Indian Navy. It is for the first time that the Indian Navy inducted women sailors. Earlier, Indian Navy accepted fighter pilots and female air operations officers. However, inducting women as sailors is a giant step forward.)
Answer : 273

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 18th April
Question : Which village in Gujarat’s Mehsana district was recently declared India’s first 24x7 solar-powered village? (This village in Gujarat’s Mehsana district was recently declared India’s first 24x7 solar-powered village. Other villages in the state are also becoming trendsetters in sustainability. Reducing carbon emissions is today the primary goal here.)
Answer : Modhera

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 19th April
Question : India's first underwater metro runs through which river?(On April 12, India’s first Metro network again made history. The launch of Kolkata Metro’s North-South corridor in 1984 was no mean achievement, but the latest feat on the East-West route makes it India’s answer to London’s ‘Underground’ that dives below the Thames, and the Paris Metro going under the Seine.)
Answer : Hooghly

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 20th April
Question : For how many years did Raja Raja Chola rule? (More than 1,000 years ago, the mighty Chola Dynasty ruled over large swathes of not only India, but Sri Lanka, Lakshadweep, Malaysia, Maldives and Indonesia as well. The dynasty’s unsurmountable supremacy across the Indian Ocean was ensured by Ponniyin Selvan, or Raja Raja Chola, and his successor son Rajendra Chola.)
Answer : 29 years

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 21st  April
Question : Who signed the historic Pakistani surrender to India? (The 1971 war was India’s greatest military victory, which helped create a new nation. It broke Pakistan into two. The Indian Army captured 93,000 Pakistani soldiers but also saved their lives from angry Bangladeshis baying for revenge. India had lost 3,000 of its brave sons with 12,000 soldiers injured. But their sacrifice had not gone in vain. A new nation Bangladesh was born in 1971 and history would never be the same again.)
Answer : AAK Niazi

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 22nd  April
Question : 'Fairy Queen' - India's 2nd oldest working engine was brought here in which year? (Age is just a number at the Steam Locomotive Shed and Rail Museum at Rewari near Delhi. The shed itself will complete 130 years next year, and all of its occupants, barring one, have seen at least 60 summers. The Rewari shed’s most famous resident is a small locomotive named Fairy Queen. Brought to India in 1855 as the engine ‘EIR 22’, it was for many years the oldest working locomotive in the country.)
Answer : 1855

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 23rd  April
Question : Mauritius accounts for what percentage of total FDI to India? (Government data shows 32.5% of the FDI to India has come through tax havens, with Mauritius alone accounting for a major share. The Cayman Islands and Cyprus occupy the second and third positions. Between April 2000 and December 2022, India received more than $200 billion of FDI through these countries.)
Answer : 26%

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 24th  April
Question : Name this city. (From being the world’s diamond workshop, cutting and polishing 95% of stones that are mined, this city is now helping India emerge as the second largest producer of the gemstone after China. The city is home to 50 large factories that grow diamonds at lightning speed, compared with the natural process.)
Answer : Surat

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 25th  April
Question : Name the man who established the Jagat Seth family. (India was one of the richest countries in the world before the British drained it hollow and filled their coffers. The Jagat Seth family exerted unparalleled influence on India’s economic and socio-political scene before the British took over. They funded wars, lent money to emperors, nawabs, and even the East India company. Their sharp financial instincts earned them the title, Jagat Seth, Bankers of the World, from the Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah.)
Answer : Hiranand Sahu

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 26th  April
Question : Name Bombay's first ladies cricket team. (In 1969, Aloo Bamjee had started Bombay’s first ladies cricket team. This was four years before India got its own national Women's Cricket Association. Aloo Bamjee sent out circulars to schools and colleges seeking girls interested in playing cricket. She arranged for the likes of Raj Singh Dungarpur and Arvind Apte to coach young girls. The team went on to play their first intra-club tournament at Brabourne Stadium in February 1972.)
Answer : The Albees

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 27th  April
Question : India's first rocket was launched from which village in Kerala? (India’s quest to be part of space has been in the making for a long time. It took the first step towards a fully functional, internationally renowned space programme in 1963, when the first rocket launch took place in a small fishing village in Kerala. It was done from the back of a cycle, using a church as the launch pad.​)
Answer : Thumba

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 28th  April
Question : Name Indian Air Force's first woman Air Marshal. (On November 8, 2021, the Rashtrapati Bhavan audience erupted in applause as Indian Air Force's first Air Marshal marched forth in her blue uniform to receive the Padma Shri. The fourth-highest civilian award was conferred upon the former flight surgeon by then President Ram Nath Kovind for contributions in medicine.)
Answer : Dr Padma Bandopadhyay

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 29th  April
Question : This year, the Amarnath yatra will be of how many days? (The Amarnath Yatra is upon us again, the annual holy pilgrimage to the Shri Amarnath Temple in Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag during the month of Shravan. Devotees sign up for this arduous trek to Lord Shiva’s most revered cave temple in the Himalayas every year from all over India and across the world. ​)
Answer : 62

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 30th  April
Question : The Sukumara Kurup case happened in which district in Kerala? (The Sukumara Kurup case, a macabre tale remains alive 38 years after a body was found in a burning car in Kerala. One of the most distinctive as well as notorious acts in Kerala's criminal history took place in a district, also known as a tourist paradise.)
Answer : Alappuzha

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 1st  May
Question : As per IMF data, India's economy will grow by what % in 2023? (​In the three years since 2021, India has remained the fastest-growing large economy. Per IMF data, it grew at 9.1% in 2021, 6.8% in 2022)
Answer : 5.9%

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 2nd May
Question : Which village has set aside land worth Rs 13cr for its 300-odd dogs? (​This village, located about 15km from Mehsana in north Gujarat, could pass for just another one where most people are into farming and agro trading. What makes it stand out, though, is the concept of ‘kutariyu’ (setting aside land for dogs), which the locals have been following for over 70 years in keeping with Gujarat’s spirit of jeevdaya (compassion for animals).
Answer : Panchot

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 3rd May
Question : Who built Sri Krishna Dhyana Kendra, the 180-foot-tall meditation centre? (
​Even as a child almost 80 years ago, this man dreamt of building a structure over the sprawling Mudipu Gudde (hillock) that he saw from his house in Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada district. Today, people from across India are visiting Sri Krishna Dhyana Kendra, the 180-foot-tall meditation centre he has built on the lush green hill, about 25km from Mangaluru city.)
Answer : Dr Madan Mohan Naik

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 4th May
Question : Name the first-ever World Natural Heritage Site. (The year was 1835, and the British Royal Navy’s HMS Beagle had dropped anchor near the shores of an archipelago that was part of the Republic of Ecuador with a young naturalist onboard -- someone who was keen to study the evolution of species. The islands were a melting pot of a rich variety of flora and fauna, and went on to become the world's first-ever natural heritage site.)
Answer : Galapagos Islands

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 5th May
Question : Name this town. (New towns have come up which are now becoming known for cybercrime besides this infamous town in Jharkhand, also known as the capital of phishing scams. To tackle the increasing number of cybercrimes, Centre has set up the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre, or the I4C which has already registered 20 lakh complaints.)
Answer : Jamtara

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 6th May
Question : Who created the I heart NY design motif? (I heart NY is probably one of the most influential and recognisable design motifs in the world. So much so that it has almost become a cliché, finding space on keychains, mugs and tees, and inspiring the heart emoji that everyone loves.)
Answer : Milton Glaser

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 7th May
Question : Other than Ladakh, which Indian place is part of Time magazine’s list of 50 'greatest places' this year? (This district, also the home district of President Droupadi Murmu, features on Time magazine’s list of the world’s 50 “greatest places” this year. Ladakh is the only other Indian place on the list. )
Answer : Mayurbhanj

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 8th May
Question : Which MNC along with UK Space Agency is making a nuclear reactor on the moon? (
The UK space agency and a British multi national company — which provides cutting edge technologies in the power sector — are working on setting up a small nuclear-powered reactor on the Moon that could serve as a long-term energy source for human bases. It would be set up there for further exploration of the Earth’s natural satellite.)
Answer: Rolls-Royce

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 9th May
Question : Name the place known as the land of a thousand gardens. (Tucked in Jharkhand’s north-central part of Chhotanagpur plateau is a place once known for its beautiful big cats. It boasted of thick forests and too many gardens. It's also known as the land of a thousand gardens.)
Answer: Hazaribagh

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 10th May
Question : How long is the Kentucky gun preserved at the Rajasthan Police Academy? (Every trigger has a tale to tell here. Welcome to Rajasthan’s retro armoury. From body shields worn by kings to handguns wielded by bandits, from the first recorded FIR in the state to probably the only Kentucky gun this long in the state, colourful vestiges of the state’s encounters with violence are preserved in a large, well-lit room at Rajasthan Police Academy (RPA)​)
Answer : 12-foot

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 11th May
Question : Name Dawood Ibrahim's sister who ran a crime syndicate herself. (Sister of mafia boss Dawood Ibrahim, ran a ruthless crime syndicate herself. In every behind-the-scenes and below-the-table transaction in Mumbai, she took a slice of the pie. No one dared raise their voice against her. She became directly involved with the underworld after the murder of her husband Ismail Parkar.​)
Answer : Haseena Parkar

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 15th May
Question : Name the Lucknow-origin astronomer behind the James Webb telescope. (
In 1960s Lucknow, a bright young girl wanted to take up astronomy in college, but realised she cannot. As an astronomy student, she’d have to go out at night for observations, but as a girl, that was not something she was encouraged to do. Cut to 2022, when she becomes one of the scientists leading NASA’s James Webb Telescope Project, helping us gaze into corners of the universe we had never seen before. ​)
Answer: Hashima Hasan

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 16th May
Question : What is the acronym for India’s grandest cultural centre? (Amid the grey, glass-and-steel skyscrapers of Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), there is now a jolt of colour. The arts and culture hub that opened last month, is a kaleidoscope of buildings with three overarching gold leaves and a lotus motif running through it. There are wall carvings, a mammoth 56-foot Pichwai painting, and a fountain in a lotus-inspired pattern that shoots water 45 feet high and pulses to music.​)
Answer: NMACC

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 17th May
Question : Who was the first to come up with the idea of Mother’s Day? (​The first-ever Mother’s Day memorial service was held at the Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia. It was organized by this woman in memory of her deceased mother Ann Reeves Jarvis, who had wished for a tribute day for all mothers. She campaigned hard to make Mother’s Day a national holiday in the US.​)
Answer: Anna Jarvis

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 18th May
Question : The crown that King Charles 3 was crowned with was made in which year? (On Saturday, May 6, at Westminster Abbey in London, King Charles III was crowned alongside the Queen Consort, Camilla. With this symbolic ceremony, King Charles became the 40th reigning monarch in Westminster Abbey since 1066.)
Answer: 1661

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 19th May
Question : Name the Indian guru who emerged as an icon for Steve Jobs when he visited India in 1974. (In 1974, Steve Jobs and his friend Dan Kottke, travelled to India to study spirituality, and had planned to meet a guru. This guru emerged as an icon for Jobs, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, American business mogul Larry Page and other Silicon Valley magnates. )
Answer: Neem Karoli Baba

Knowledge Knockout Contest Today Answer 20th May
Question : Name the first western country to ban the use of ChatGPT. (The data protection watchdog in this country ordered OpenAI, the startup behind Chat GPT, to temporarily stop processing the data of its users because they suspected a breach of Europe’s privacy regulations. Specifically, they cited a data breach at OpenAI which allowed users to see the titles of conversations other users were having with ChatGPT.​)
Answer: Italy
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