Best Kitchen Hacks - Help To Become Kitchen Experts

Best Kitchen Hacks - Help To Become Kitchen Experts

Best Kitchen Hacks - Help To Become Kitchen Experts

Top Best Kitchen Secrets |  Science Backed Kitchen Tips (Hacks)

Kitchen Hacks you need? Today MaalFreeKaa shared top best kitchen Secrets improve your kitchen skill more better. This Kitchen Hacks or Secrets Shared from Expert you can still improve your skill and save your time and get extra benefit. All Science Backed Kitchen Hacks and Secrets. This Thought Shared by experience user and called Kitchen Secrets tips to help you more in your daily routing kitchen activities. Better Idea help you to get more better result let's start today topic please if you have any query? email me.

Tips to Speed Up in the Kitchen

1. Fry onions faster by adding a pinch of sugar to the sautéing pan.
2. Skip the salt: When boiling dal or veggies, don’t add salt. They’ll cook faster and you can add the salt later. 
3. Quick ginger chai: Peel and chop fresh ginger. Run it quickly through the mixite without any water. Freeze this in ice cube trays. When you make chai, just pop out a cube and add to the boiling water! 
4. Fermenting in winter: Idly, dosa, and Maida batters take longer to ferment if the weather is cold. Preheat your oven/microwave for 10-15 minutes, switch it off, and keep the batter inside. The warmth speeds up fermentation. 
5. Shelling boiled eggs: Add a teaspoon of salt to the water in which you boil eggs. Once they’re done, place the eggs in normal water and press them lightly. The shells will come off easily. 
6. Boiling potatoes: Prick a few holes on potatoes with a fork and place them whole (with skin) in a pressure cooker. They’ll cook faster. 

Tips to Keep Food Fresh

1. Keeping bugs away: Add 2-3 cloves in your sugar and flour dabbas to keep weevils and ants away. 
2. Leftover rice: When heating leftover rice, place an ice cube on top and microwave it for 3 minutes. The ice cube will not melt but the rice will feel freshly cooked! 
3. Stale bread: Steam the bread for a couple of minutes (make sure no water touches it directly) before serving. It will taste soft and fresh. 
4. Extra rotis/bhakris: Store leftover chapati or bhakri in an airtight box without bending or folding and freeze it. Microwave it just before serving: it will be as good as new. 
5. Storing tomatoes: Wipe firm tomatoes and rub some mustard oil on them. Put them in an airtight bag or box and store them in the fridge for up to 3 weeks. 

Tips to Cook Better

1. Get more juice: Warm lemons and other citrus fruits in the microwave for 15 seconds  they give a lot more juice. 
2. Fluffy rice for pulao: Add a dash of lemon juice or vinegar to the rice just as the water is coming to a rolling boil. You’ll get perfect fluffy, separate grains. 
3. Brown, crispy dosas: Add a cup of poha/aval while grinding dosa batter to get garigari dosas! 
4. For thick curd: add a couple of slit green chillies to the warm milk. You’ll get firm, thick curd. 
5. Quick tandoori chicken: Cook the marinated tandoori chicken in a kadai till the water evaporates. Don't add extra water. Now roast it on the stove on a steel jaali  it will give the same tandoor flavour!

Tips to Cleaning & Repair

1. Kitchen smells: Does the kitchen smell after cooking fish or meat? Dilute white vinegar in water 1:1 and spray it on surfaces. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes before wiping off.
2. Tea strainers: get clogged with use. If you have a metal tea strainer, this can be fixed. Hold the strainer above a low flame for a minute. The mesh will expand slightly. Tap the strainer on the countertop and stuck particles will fall out. 
3. Cleaning fish: Rub down raw fish with a mixture of salt and flour before washing: it will clean much better. 
4. Sharpening mixie blade: grind rock salt or ice cubes in the mixie to sharpen its dull blades. 


We are not sure if these stunts were performed by trained professionals. But do try them at home.
 (and tell us how well they work!)

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