Green Tech Quiz Answer & Win Wireless Weather Stations

Green Tech Quiz Answer & Win Wireless Weather Stations

Green Tech Quiz Answer & Win Wireless Weather Stations

Green Tech Companies Globally Quiz Answer & Win Free Wireless Weather Station Device

It's the Summer of Green Tech on the community! Help us celebrate by expanding your knowledge with our Green Tech quiz from Analog Devices. Score 100% to win one of five wireless weather stations! Green Tech Quiz just blew in, score 100% to win 1 of 5 Wireless Weather Stations! The Summer of Green Tech is here!  Help us celebrate by showing off your knowledge with our Green Tech quiz! To earn the Green Tech Badge, score 100% on the quiz and leave your feedback on the quiz as a comment.

Green Tech Quiz Answer Find Here

1. Energy From ______is not renewable.
Answer: Coal

2. ____is a type of renewable energy that uses the heat from the earth's core to produce electricity.
Answer: Geothermal Energy

3. An inverter is a device that converts the ____current produced by solar panels or a wind generator into the _____current used by households.
Answer: DC, AC

4. A Solar charge controller is a device that regulates the ______and ____between a solar panel and a battery.
Answer: Voltage, Current

5. True or False: To maximize efficiency in a solar or wind power system, current monitors, such as the LTC297x DPSM family from analog device, are used to control controllers and inverters, as well as perform fault detection for safety.
Answer: True

6. For view of key voltage and current readings, Analog devices offers____, a digital power system manger (PSM).
Answer: LTpowerPlay

7. The term "yaw control" refers to the mechanism used to ______ a wind turbine in response to changing wind direction.
Answer: Rotate or Turn

8. The term "regenerative braking" refers to the process by which a hybrid or electric vehicle uses the ______to generate electricity that can be stored in the vehicle's battery.
Answer: Kinetic Energy Of the Wheels

9. True or False: The Battery Pack in an electric or hybrid vehicle typically uses nickel-metal hybrids (NiMH) as the primary storage material.
Answer: False

10. The most common type of fuel cell used in hydrogen-powered vehicles is the ____Fuel cell.
Answer: Proton Exchange Membrane(PEM)

11. Green hydrogen can be produced through a process known as____ whichuses renewable energy sources like wind or solar power to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen.
Answer: Electrolysis

12. The "bandgap" of a semiconductor material used in solar cells is the energy difference between the ______ and ____ bands.
Answer: Valence, Conduction

13. A type of geothermal power plant that uses two wells to pump water into and out of an underground reservoir is known an a(n) ____.
Answer: FBinary Cycle Power Plant of Binary Geothermal Plant

14. Which of the following lighting technologies is the most energy-efficient?
Answer: LED

15. The Process of reducing the supply voltage of a circuit to minimize power consumption is known as _____.
Answer: Voltage Scaling

16. In carbon capture, ____ capture is the process of removing CO2 from a gas Stream using a solvent and then regenerating the solvent to release the captured CO2.
Answer: Post-Combustion

17. True or False: Energy harvesting refers to the process of converting ambient energy into electrical energy.
Answer: True

18. The ____ effect is used in thermoelectric energy harvesting to generate electricity from a temperature difference between two surfaces.
Answer: Seebeck

19. In the DC-DC converters and inverters found in solar power and EV charging systems, _____ offer higher efficiency than silicon IGBTs. They can be driven with isolated gate drivers such a analog devices ADuM4136.
Answer: Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs

20. Battery managing/monitoring systems(BMS) can ____, and are essential to the success of renewable energy. The analog devices LTC681x and LTC680x families represent the state of the art for battery stack monitors.
Answer: All of The Above

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Contest End: 21st May

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