Spin And Win Free Indian Oil Petrol Bunk And More

Spin And Win Free Indian Oil Petrol Bunk And More

Indian Oil Petrol Pump Gift Voucher For Free Petrol Spin & Win
Indian Oil is running a promotion where you can spin a wheel and win exciting prizes, including a free Indian Oil petrol bunk, free fuel for a year, and gift vouchers.

To participate, simply visit your nearest Indian Oil petrol pump and fill up your vehicle with fuel. You will then be given a spin card. Scratch the card to reveal your prize.

Indian Oil Petrol Pump Gift Voucher For Free Petrol Spin & Win

Spin The Lucky Wheel For Get Free Indian Oil Free Petrol Jackpot, Park+ Petrol, & Gift Vouchers Mean Every Your Spin Lucky Wheel is Get Free Indian Oil Petrol and Gift Vouchers. Park+ Referral Code use and get Free 500ML Petrol refer your friends to get extra free 500ml park+ petrol. You get one spin daily and can come back everyday for a new spin chance. MaalFreeKaa.in always give your freebie offer today we are showing how to get free petrol via playing spin and win contest. The gift vouchers that you win will expire at midnight. Why you wait Test you luck on Lucky Spin Wheel and Get Chance To Win Free Petrol and Gift vouchers. Indian Oil Petrol Bunk near by me and get free petrol by Spin and Win Contest. Just Download Free Petrol App and Also Check out Indian oil petrol pump, petrol pump near me, petrol bunk etc. Download or update now to play spin and win contest for free petrol.

How To Spin And Win Free Indian Oil Petrol Voucher?

  1. Download or Update Your Park+ App Click Here
  2. Register or Login Your Park+ Account
  3. Find The "Spin And Win" Free Petrol Banners
  4. Click And Spin Your Lucky Wheel
  5. Per Day Free One Chance You Spin Come Back Next Day To Get New Chance
  6. Lucky MFK Winners Win Free Indian Oil Petrol, Park+ Petrol, And Gift Vouchers.

What Happens After Win Your Spin And Win Indian Oil Bunk Free Petrol?

  1. Click On Get Indian Oil Pump or Fuel
  2. Your Winning Free Indian Oil Vouchers Auto Applied
  3. Select a Payment Method
  4. After Making The Payment you will get Indian Oil Bunk Station Voucher Code
  5. At the Indian Oil Fuel Station ask For The ITPS machine 
  6. Select the Indian Oil pay Method and Enter Your Indian Oil Voucher Code.
  7. Your Car Will Be Refueled. 

What Happens After Win Your Spin And Win Gift Vouchers?

  1. Click on Get Voucher Button after Spinning Lucky Wheel
  2. Select The Amount of Voucher you want to buy on the Brand Page
  3. Your Vouchers Code is Auto Applied & Select The Payment Method
  4. On Completing The Payment you will be received your voucher code & pin.
  5. On the respective brand's platform add a gift card code and pin.
  6. Woohoo your discount on your favorite brand is applied.

What Happens After Win Your Spin And Win Park+ Petrol

  1. Click On Check My Perk+ Petrol
  2. You Will see that your balance in the petrol tank is updated
  3. Go to history on the top left corner of your screen.
  4. You will be able to see how much petrol was deposited in your Park+ Petrol wallet
  5. On the Park+ Petrol page you will be able to see how you can earn even more to redeem it.
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FAQ's Of Spin And Win Free Petrol

What is Spin And Win Indian Oil Free Petrol, Park+ Petrol & Gift Vouchers.

Spin and Win is an interactive program for you where you can either earn something new everyday or be on of the lucky winners of the day to redeem your park+ petrol as real Indian Oil Bunk Free Petrol Vouchers. It is a slot machine which can fetch you rewards based on your luck. Redemption of Park+ Petrol can be on minimum purchase of 10L fuel or Rs 1000 Indian Oil Free Petrol Vouchers via park+.

Why can't I redeem my Park+ Petrol Into Fuel Vouchers?

We have daily lucky winners who get to redeem their park+ petrol into an Indian Oil Petrol Free Vouchers. You can test your chance of being a lucky winner by spinning the wheel Even if you don't get the jackpot you always get the best reward on park+ app.

Why do I keep getting better luck next Time in Spin And Win Jackpot?

Spin And Win Jackpot is completely based on probability of you getting a reward and the number of users playing. Keep Playing more to improve your chance to win. Play everyday Spin and Win Indian Oil Pump Free Petrol Jackpot and Win Free Petrol. MaalFreeKaa suggest you play more win more.

Who an I not Getting Free Spin Chance?

You only get 1 free spin a day. To spin more you will have burn park+ petrol and come back next day to get one more free chance for spin and win.

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