Play And Win Fur Jaden: Travel Essentials

Play And Win Fur Jaden: Travel Essentials

Play And Win Fur Jaden: Travel Essentials
Play And Win Fur Jaden travel essentials combo pack! This exciting new contest is open to everyone who loves to travel and play games. Simply play Flip the Card Game and match two card entered for a chance to win a Fur Jaden travel neck support combo pack for travel essentials. The more fast finish the game, the more increase chance to win, so don't miss your chance to win!

How To Play Play And Win Fur Jaden Travel Essentials?

1. Register or Login Your Contest Account Click Here
2. Now Go To Home Page And Find Fur Jaden travel essentials Contest Banners
3. Click The Contest Banner & Start Play Flip The Card Game
4. Flip The Card & Match Card of Two 
5. Fastest Finger Finish the game or match all card pair of two increase chance to win
6. Lucky MFK Winners Win Free Fur Jaden Neck Support Combo Pack.

How to Play And Win Fur Jaden?

1. The game starts with all the cards face down and players take turns to turn over two cards.
2.  If the two cards have the same picture or the name of the product in the picture, then they keep the cards, otherwise, they turn the cards face down again.
3. The winner is the person with the most cards when all the cards have been taken.

Fur Jaden travel essential set comes with a memory foam neck pillow, eye mask, and noise isolation ear plugs...all in the finest luxury quality.

Terms & Conditions
Please make sure to follow our Instagram profile to become the winner & MaalFreeKaa
If there is more than one winner, the final winner of the contest will be chosen by a lucky draw.

Contest End: 12th December 2023 

Click The Link Below To Play & Win Neck Support Combo Pack

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