Amazon Mini TV Gutar Gu Season 1 Watch Now

Amazon Mini TV: Gutar Gu Season 1 Watch Now

Amazon Mini TV Web Series Watch Free New Gutar Gu Season 1
Amazon Mini TV New Web Series Launch Gutar Gu For  The Club of Aashiqs. Gutar Gu Season 1 New Web Series Watch Free on Amazon Mini TV. Gutar Gu Based Story on Ritu joins a coaching class in Bhopal and notices Anuj on the first day. She introduces herself to Anuj, which startles him. He seeks advice from friends on how to impress her.

How To Watch Amazon Mini TV On Amazon App?:

  • Download the Amazon India Shopping App:
  • Open the app and locate miniTV
  • Start watching!

How To Watch Amazon Mini TV Free On Web?:

  1. Open your web browser Amazon Mini TV
  2. You can browse through the available content and start watching what you like.
  • Tap the miniTV icon and you'll be directed to the miniTV library. Browse through the available content, including web series, movies, short films, and K-dramas, and start watching what you like!

Amazon Mini TV Gutar Gu Season 1:

  1. Amazon Mini TV, dekho comedy, web series, tech reviews and much more! watch for FREE only on the Amazon shopping app the home of countless entertainment gems, has struck gold with its latest release web series "Gutar Gu Season 1"
  2. Gutar Gu Season 1 introduces us to a gripping narrative that seamlessly blends humor, drama, and suspense.
  3. Set against a backdrop of a small town, the series follows the lives of quirky characters dealing with everyday challenges, turning mundane moments into extraordinary adventures.

Gutar Gu On Amazon Mini TV Unpack:

  • Ritu and Anuj as they navigate through their newly budding romance
  • Gutar Gu is an Indian-Hindi language Teen-drama television series created and directed by Saqib Pandor.
  • Gutar gu is a romantic Hindi short story about a guy a girl who admire each other and are falling for each other secretly.
  • “Gutar Gu” features Ashlesha Thakur (in the role of Ritu) and Vishesh Bansal (as Anuj) who experience the dawn of first love.

Gutar Gu Amazon Mini TV Review :

First love is generally exceptional and holds a unique spot in your heart. 'Gutar Gu,' made and coordinated by Saqib Pandor, is one such inspiring story of two young people and their sprouting sentiment, with a considerable lot of their most memorable things and the minutes they spend together. The heroes (played by Ashlesha Thakur and Vishesh Bansal) bring an appeal, guiltlessness, and pleasantness to the screen that keeps you put resources into their lives.

Gutar Gu Amazon Mini TV Episode 1: Welcome To The Club of Aashiqs

Ritu joins a coaching class in Bhopal and notices Anuj on the first day. She introduces herself to Anuj, which startles him. He seeks advice from friends on how to impress her. Ritu asks Anuj to help her explore the city but he cancels at the last minute. Anuj writes a love letter and must now confess his feelings to Ritu and pray she feels the same way.

Episode 2: Darr Ke Aage Kiss hai

Anuj lies to his friends about having already kissed Ritu, and now he has to make it happen. He begins dropping clues to try and get a kiss. When he tries to kiss Ritu, she sets him up for a challenge. Unfortunately, Anuj’s preparation falls short, but he realizes he doesn’t need to do anything out of the box to win her over. Finally, Anuj gathered the courage to officially ask Ritu out.

Episode 3: Eent Ka Jawab Patthar Se

Ritu unknowingly catches the eye of Samrat, the school’s boxing champion. Samrat warns Anuj to back off from Ritu or else there’s going to be a fight! Initially, Anuj is scared stiff but soon he realizes that to keep Ritu as his girlfriend and to save his own face, he must prepare for this mano-a-mano showdown. He’s gotta fight for his girl. He just doesn’t know how.

Episode 4: How Well Do You Know Ritu?

Anuj gets prepared to meet Ritu’s Gurgaon friends but the whole experience gets sour for him as they end up constantly making fun of him. Ritu tries to console him but they end up arguing and Anuj leaves. What follows is the first major fight between Anuj and Ritu. Will this lead to their break up or will someone apologise for their mistakes? Let's see if it is a matched / mismatched

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Episode 5: Why Do You Love Me?

Ritu and Anuj plan their first valentine’s date but they fear getting caught by the local love-hating political gang. They ask Adi, Umair & Sonal to accompany them for safety. They end up going to a fancy restaurant in Bhopal but the bill is beyond their expectation. Ritu tries to get the money while Anuj is held hostage at the restaurant.

Episode 6: Sab Sambhal Lenge

After dating each other for more than six months Anuj & Ritu have to face what the future holds for them. Anuj’s mom finds out about the relationship and grounds him completely for his exam preparations. Ritu has an important decision she needs to discuss with him but they have been completely separated by Anuj’s mom. Will their relationship stay intact?

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