Maggi Super Bonanza 2024 Win Gold Everyday

Maggi Super Bonanza 2024 Win Gold Everyday

Buy Maggi Super Bonanza 2024 Promo Pack and SMS to  Win Gold Everyday
Buy This Year 2024 Maggi Super Bonanza Promo Pack and Find Lot Number SMS to Win Free Gold Voucher Worth Rs 6000/- INR everyday. The participants are required to keep the pack with the batch code used for participation safe, as they may be asked to submit a copy of the pack with the visible winning code if they are shortlisted as a winner of Maggi Super Bonanza 2024.

How To Participate Maggi Super Bonanza 2024 Win Gold Everyday?:

  1. Buy Maggi Super Bonanza Promo Pack 
  2. Find The Maggi Lot number on Promo Pack
  3. Send SMS: GOLD<space>Lot Number to 6262642222
  4. Received via SMS of their valid Participation
  5. Valid Participate Everyday From 08:00:01 AM to 05:59:59 PM
  6. Lucky MFK winners Win Free Gold Voucher Worth Rs 6000/- Everyday.

How To Find Maggi Super Bonanza Lot Numbers?

  1. Buy Any Listed Below Maggi Super Bonanza Promo Pack
  2. Find The On Maggi Wrapper Lot Numbers Printed
  3. SMS: GOLD<space>Lot Number to 6262642222
  4. Lucky MFK winners Informed by SMS win Gold Vouchers.
  5. You Can Visit and Get Free Maggi Super Bonanza Code

Buy MAGGI Super Bonanza Promo Pack as listed below only.

  • MAGGI Tomato Ketchup (970 g)
  • MAGGI Hot & Sweet (1 Kg)
  • MAGGI Pazzta Cheese (67 g)
  • MAGGI Pazzta Masala (67 g)
  • MAGGI Pazzta Tomato (67 g)
  • MAGGI Pazzta Mushroom Penne  (67 g)
  • MAGGI Masala-ae-Magic (6 g)
  • MAGGI Classic Noodles (70 g)
  • MAGGI Classic Noodles (420 g)
  • MAGGI Veg Atta Noodles (290 g)

Maggi Super Bonanza Valid Participation Rules:

  • A participant can participate up to 3 times(Valid participation) in the program. However, the participant can only win once.
  • A participant can be declared a winner of the competition only once throughout the program period (as described above)
  • In case a participant is shortlisted as a winner and is unable to fulfil the details to redeem the prize as provided below latest by 15th February 2024, they will forfeit their right to win the prize and can’t claim the reward under any circumstances. Nestle or its agency may shortlist new winners in place of participants who forfeit their right. The selection of new shortlisted winners will be done from existing entries by way of a draw through random scientific selection.
  • Entries are required to be submitted only according to the procedure described below. Entry submitted through any other mode/platform shall not be entertained. The decision of Nestlé India shall be final, binding and non-negotiable.
  • The participant expressly confirms and represents that he/she has read the terms & conditions of the program on how to enter, and details on usage, collection, retention and sharing of personal data.
  • The participant agrees to be bound by the terms, in particular those relating to the collection, retention, use and sharing of personal data.

Maggi Super Bonanza Winner Selection:

  • The winners will be randomly selected (basis randomizer system). Winners will not be selected from the state of Tamil Nadu as the program is not for State of Tamil Nadu.
  • A draw through random scientific selection will be conducted every next working day by or before 12 PM for selection of the winners
  • A total of 40 winners will be selected everyday in the program period of 1st Jan 2024 to 10th Feb 2024 (total 1640 Winners in 41 days period) through a scientific randomizer method, during the promotion period described above.
  • Every Day, during the program period, Forty (40) of the valid participants will be selected as the winner of a daily prize. The daily prize will entitle the winner a Tanishq/Joyalukkas/Kalyan/Bluestone (anyone) gold e-voucher of Rs 6000.
  • Qualification Maggi Lot Numbers Winners
  • From within all the valid entries, 40 winners will be randomly selected every day in which the promotion is being run.
  • Completion of “mobile OTP validation” and “winning code validation” by clicking on the link shared in the congratulations SMS/Email will be a necessity to be eligible to receive the prize. This process has to be completed by/on or before 15th February 2024.
  • Nestle India Ltd holds the right to remove someone as a winner if found spurious, or if the same individual has already won a prize prior during the program duration.

Announcement of Winners Maggi Lot Numbers

  1. If shortlisted as a winner Nestle India’s agent will send congratulation SMS/Email along with a link & winning code to share details and claim the prize. 
  2. In addition, every week 2 round of calls to be made as a reminder to the shortlisted winners to submit their details through the link. 
  3. The participant will be deemed a winner only if they are able to finish details submission through the link by or before 15th February 2024.
  4. The winner stands a chance to receive Tanishq/Joyalukkas/Kalyan/Bluestone (any one) gold e-voucher of Rs 6000/-(subject to availability of any of the respective voucher- Tanishq/Joyalukkas/Kalyan/Bluestone). 
  5. In the event the above-described vouchers are not available, then Nestle India reserves the right to provide from the available vouchers of E-Gold vouchers worth Rs 6000/-.

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