Cadbury 5 Star 'erase' Valentine's Day Win T-shirt

Cadbury 5 Star 'erase' Valentine's Day Win T-shirt

Cadbury 5 Star 'erase' Valentine's Day Win T-shirt

Cadbury 5 Star 'erase' Valentine's Day Win T-shirt To Join Mission Engineer Wanted Profile. This 5 Star Erase Valentine's Day's volunteers will embark on a mission to fast-forward the day from their timelines, through an event that will be live-streamed. This Activation is being made purely on a "best effort" basis and participation in this Activation is at your sole discretion and on a voluntary basis.

How To Join Cadbury 5 Star 'erase' Valentine's Day Mission?

  1. Participants Need to Visit Cadbury 5 Star 'erase' Valentine's Day Web Page
  2. Enter Your Email, Name, and Mobile Numbers 
  3. Click on "Apply to Positions" With Agree Terms
  4. Verifying Your Submitted Details with OTP
  5. You Received Your Security Clearance ID Card in WhatsApp and Email.
  6. 5 Star and the Participants will be called ‘Mission Engineers'
  7. Please go through the attached briefing dossier carefully before the mission.
  8. 200 Lucky MFK winners Win Free 5Star Erase V'day T-shirts.

Cadbury 5 Star 'erase' Valentine's Day Job Profile Mission Engineers

  • Virtually attending the historic mission on 14 February.
  • Contributing to critical mission decisions by interacting LIVE with the control room crew.

Cadbury 5 Star 'erase' Valentine's Day Perks:

  • You could be among the few people on earth to own a T-shirt that has travelled through time.
  • Having your name etched in the history books. Literally. We'll publish a history book with the names of every mission engineer.

Nambi Narayanan explains Cadbury 5 Star's time-defying plan to 'erase' Valentine's Day

  • Cadbury's volunteers have set their sights on the 14th of February as they prepare to undertake a mission to accelerate the day's progress within their timelines. This endeavor will be broadcasted through a live-streamed event.
  • Cadbury 5 Star has gone a step further in its philosophy for Valentine's Day this year by devising a campaign that aims to "eliminate" the day that celebrates love.

'erase' Valentine's Day Win T-shirt:

The brand stated that Cadbury 5 Star has always been a strong supporter of individuals who feel disillusioned with Valentine's Day and prefer to spend the occasion in a non-traditional way. Building upon the success of last year's initiative to assist in avoiding the romantic festivities, the brand, along with its dedicated volunteers, will introduce the world's first-ever 'time travel vessel' with the purpose of Erasing Valentine's Day. On the 14th of February, three courageous volunteers will embark on a mission to fast forward the day from their own timelines, and the entire world is invited to witness this extraordinary event through a live-streamed spectacle.

Cadbury 5 Star 'erase' Valentine's Day Prize Details:

Winners may be eligible to win the following Prizes:
  • Mondelez at its sole discretion will select up to 200 Winners basis a computerized randomizer process ("Winner") and such Winner may be eligible to win the Prize. One Participant is entitled to win only 1 Prize in this Activation.

Contest Duration:

  • This Activation will commence from 00:01 a.m. 01/02/2024 and end at 3:59 p.m. on 14/02/2024

Click The Link Below To Join Erase Valentinus's Day Mission

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