T20 World Cup Predict Win iPhone 15 Smartphone Daily

T20 World Cup Predict Win iPhone 15 Smartphone Daily

T20 World Cup Predict Win iPhone 15 Smartphone Daily
New Contest Alert: T20 World Cup Predict And Win iPhone 15 Smartphone and More Prizes Daily. I am playing the Cricket T20 World Cup Predictor Daily. You can predict too and win iPhone 15, Smartphones and more.  The World Cup Predictor Contest is being conducted on Hindustan Times.

How To Participate T20 World Cup Predict Win iPhone 15 Smartphone Daily?

  1. Play T20 World Cup Predict and Win Contest Visit Page
  2. Predict Today Match Result From Options
  3. Register with Your Mobile Number and Verify With OTP
  4. Ensure you submit your Predictions before the Match Starts
  5. After the Match, check Back to see if your Predictions were correct
  6. Lucky MFK Winners Win iPhone 15, Smartphone and More Prizes.

What is the T20 World Cup Predictor?

The T20 World Cup Predictor is a thrilling contest that allows cricket fans to predict the outcomes of T20 World Cup matches. Each correct prediction can bring you closer to winning incredible prizes. It’s a perfect blend of excitement and reward, making every match even more engaging.
  • How it Works : Participating is straightforward. You predict the winner of upcoming T20 World Cup matches. If your predictions are accurate, you earn points. The more accurate your predictions, the higher your chances of winning daily and grand prizes.
  • Available Prizes : The prizes are nothing short of amazing. The grand prize is the highly coveted iPhone 15. Additionally, there are daily prizes including smartphones, gift vouchers, and more. It’s an opportunity that’s too good to miss!

The Role of Hindustan Times in the Contest

Overview of Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times is a reputable and leading news publication in India, known for its accurate and timely news coverage.

Their Contribution to the Contest

Hindustan Times hosts the T20 World Cup Predictor, ensuring it runs smoothly and fairly. Their platform provides all the necessary information for participants.

Reliability and Trustworthiness

With Hindustan Times at the helm, you can trust that the contest is legitimate and the prize distribution is fair and transparent.

T20 World Cup Predict Win iPhone 15 Contest details:

  • There will be a separate World Cup Predictor page on the Website, on which there will be a section for the Contest.
  • Users can access the daily predictor questions on the above webpage.
  • To participate in the Contest, users will be required to answer the questions & provide accurate and complete information, including name, age, contact number, and email address, when submitting their entries.
  • Incomplete or partially correct entries will not be accepted/considered.
  • The Contest question can be updated anytime during the day at the sole discretion of HTDS.
  • Entries must be submitted within the specified Contest duration each day.
  • Each participant is permitted to submit only one entry per question each day for the entire duration of the Contest.
  • HTDS reserves the right to verify the eligibility of participants and their entries.

T20 World Cup Predict Win Contest Prize Details:

  1. Each daily winner will win a Boat Smartwatch.
  2. An Iphone 15, an iPad and a JBL speaker will be given as grand prizes at the end of the contest. Out of these prizes, iPhone 15 will be given to the first place winner in the leaderboard, iPad to the second place winner & the JBL speaker to the third-place finisher.
  3. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, HTDS reserves the sole right to offer an alternative prize. Staff, vendors/agents of HTDS and their families cannot participate in this Contest. 

T20 World Cup Predict Win Contest And Winner selection details:

  • A daily leader board will be created at the discretion of HTDS from all the valid entries received. Participants who submit correct answers will be ranked accordingly.
  • Points will be allotted to each participant for every correct answer. Ranking will be determined based on the order of correct answer submissions, with higher ranking awarded to those who submit the correct answer first.
  • Based on the above criteria, 03 winners will be selected everyday for each question posted during the contest duration.
  • At the end of the Contest, 03 overall winners will be selected, who will be eligible for a grand prize.
  • Leaderboard will also be constantly displayed on the previously mentioned webpage, providing real-time updates on participants ranking.
  • The winners will only be selected on working days (Monday-Friday). For all the holidays and weekly off days, winners will be selected on the next working day.
  • Winners will be contacted within 03-04 working days after the draw via a phone call and an email sent to the email address provided during entry submission.
  • To claim the prize, winners must acknowledge receipt of the communication and provide written acceptance within 24 hours by replying to the email using the same email address from which they received the communication.
  • The email should also contain details like phone number, address, a soft copy of his/her identification document, i.e, either Voter ID, Aadhar, PAN or driving license.
  • Failure to acknowledge receipt and provide written acceptance within the stipulated time period will result in the forfeiture of the prize.
  • Upon receipt of the acknowledgment, further instructions regarding prize collection or delivery will be provided to the winners.
  • Only one attempt shall be made to contact the winner on his/her mobile number. In the event of non-availability of the concerned winner, the prize shall lapse.
  • HTDS shall reserve the right to select any alternate winner in the event the prize cannot be given to the original winner.
  • Winner testimonials regarding their experience will also be collected & some of them will be shared on social media handles and print editions.
  • This can include written testimonials and their images along with their prize.
  • Prizes will be delivered directly to the winners' residences by the designated vendor.
  • Winners are responsible for providing accurate and complete delivery address details during the acknowledgment process.
  • The delivery timeline may vary depending on the availability of the prize and the logistics of the vendor.
  • HTDS shall not be held liable for any delay, loss, or damage occurring during the delivery process.
  • Winners may be required to provide identification upon receipt of the prize to verify their identity.
  • Cash will not be given in lieu of prizes. The prize for the Contest will be given to the winner as set out in the T&C herein. The winner must accept his/her prize as it is. Prizes are non-negotiable, non-transferable, non-refundable and not exchangeable for cash credit or kind, either in part or in full except at the sole and absolute discretion of the HTDS.
  • HTDS reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to deal with any unclaimed prizes in any manner.
Contest Details:
The Contest will commence on 3rd June’ 2024 and conclude on 29th June’ 2024

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