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Online Advertising The Most Effective Way to Advertise Today- MaalFreeKaa. Make Eye pleasing and eye catching media, use professional help to create the media for your Advertisements. Know who you’re selling to. Your media totally depends on your audience. Learn from your Industry. See how others in your industry are advertising and don’t copy. Make better than that.
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Why Advertise with MaalFreeKaa?
Online advertising is the best type of marketing among all and surpassing all other types of advertising today like a pro. If you are running along with the time and have updated yourself then the chances increase that you are getting the majority of the traffic, and profits you will be benefiting from. The term "online advertising" refers to everything from banner ads, to YouTube video ads, dynamic retargeting, and keyword search

Now 1st June 2022 MaalFreeKaa Have 7.5 Billion Visitor  Monthly with 2.3 Billion Unique Visitor, And 5.2 Billion Regular user Now Media & News About Online Shopping, Deal, Freebies, Contest, Discount Rank in India Top 5 and world wide rank in top One Thousand 

Target Audience: 
We've been working with many companies/brands as their advertising/digital marketing partners where we help them increase leads and improve sales through performance campaigns (CPL, CPV, CPI, CPA) and develop brand awareness through branding campaigns (CPM). We’ve worked with companies from various industries including Entertainment, Business, Education, Gaming, Health and Fitness, Travel, Personal Finance, Shopping, Sports, Style and Fashion, and Technology. We’re lined up with more new campaigns, and we would like to discuss the prospect of working with your firm on our future campaigns. Please let me know if you are interested, me and my team can get on a quick call to discuss this in further detail mail at MaalFreeKaa is Online Shopping Update News Website leading bargain hunting websites, Our Team Providing our Viewer Fastest Freebies Deal, Contest, Shopping News, Deal, Discount, Coupon, Gift Voucher, And Promotion Deal etc. We have 1 Aug 2015 7.5 thousand Monthly of User who loves shopping spend time online, Love to play contest online like a Facebook Contest, Twitter Contest, Refer Contest, Vote Liked Base Contest, Answer Quiz Contest, Task Contest, Google Plus Contest, Photo Contest, Sharing Contest, Invite Contest, And Giveaway Contest. By featuring your website on MaalFreeKaa you will be reaching your target audience directly.

Low Value of Other Advertise Company : 
Our Value of Ads are much much Low than other  of advertising like Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc. and other websites.

 Advertising Type :
We are having different type of advertising to suit the advertisers needs. Whether you believe in per action based campaign or per click we are having everything for you.
Other Benefits
Various type of Promotion and Branding
High visibility of your advertised brand and that's how your name will get noticed by our visitors.
SEO modified deals and offers
Higher range of reach across different platforms such as online search, social media marketing on- 
Facebook, Twitter Google + Pinterest and Email RSS
Unique visitors adding everyday with high returning rate.

1)Advertising Ads Banner 
2) Promote Your Product
3) Contest Sponsor
4) Social Media Ads
5) Content Creator & Digital Marketing
6) Paid Post Plan 
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Banner Advertising Price Jan 2023-Jun 2023

Web Banner Type
1 Month
3 Month
6 Month
1 Year
Jumbo Top
9500 INR
25500 INR
42500 INR
90500 INR

Banner Right 1
9000 INR
22500 INR
42000 INR
89500 INR

Banner Right 2
55500 INR

Banner Left 1
65000 INR

Banner Left 2
75000 INR

Jumbo Footer
90500 INR

Jumbo Right
92000 INR

Jumbo Left
89500 INR

Text Link (AnyWhere)
9000 INR
95000 INR

**Note : This Price Applicable for India if you out site India please mail us.

Above Banners Rate not Fix change with day by day or month.

Ads banner + Social Media Rate Additional Only INR 10000/-
1. Pin to Twitter / Facebook
2. Update Every Day 1 New Post about contest
3. Promote Via our team members (5) (Depend on Campaign Period)

Without Ads Banner Social Media Rate Rs. 15000/- INR (Max 30 Days)

1. Pin to Twitter / Facebook
2. Update Every Day 1 New Post about contest
3. Promote Via our team members (5) 

3. if you given prize as become a our sponsor for contest 

Contest Detail 
1. Every Day Ask One Quiz about your website and Product 
2. Follow and Like Your Page 
3. Every Day One Winner And Prize Worth Rs 1k
Total 10 Winner 

Buy Our Posting Plan 
Smart Monthly Posting Plan INR 52000/- ($500) (12 Post) 
Small Monthly Posting Plan INR 32000/- ($475) (5 Post)
Super Monthly Posting Plan INR 115000/-($325) (30 Post)
Single Posting Plan INR 150000/- ($550) Per Post (Alive with me)
*Extra Social Media Page update INR 20000/- ($250)
(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Web Story etc)

Post Plan For 6 Month Price 50$ USD with Do follow Link (Single Article)
Post Plan For 12 Month Price 92$ USD with Do Follow Link (Single Article)
Post Plan For 24 Month Price 180$ USD with Do Follow Link (Single Article)
Post Plan For 48 Month Price 350$ USD with Do Follow Link (Single Article)
Post Plan For Life Time Price 550$ USD with Do Follow Link (Single Article)

Buy our Posting plan and improve your business and traffic. Above all plan included term and condition and all plan are popular so we shared posting plan price if you need customized plan or more posting plan please send mail as detail at

**Note : This Price Applicable for India if you out site India please mail us.

Become Sponsor Get Benefit 
MaalFreeKaa's World Wide Hosting Giveaway, Contest, Free Sample, Freebie Deal, Discount Coupon and more we are leading website in world. Become our Sponsor or Buy our Review content and improve your brand or business in few days. please contact at our team share your detail we offer you free ads banner posting plan and more social marketing plan as free and get genius traffic. This improves user experience metrics such as time on site and bounce rate while increasing ad revenue 50-300%. We would be glad to display our banners in your website and I am  confident we can drive your traffic to convert into money. Our payouts are high in the industry/market.

Influencer Marketing
What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the larger market. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, you instead inspire / hire / pay influencers to get out the word for you.

Why Choose Influencer Marketing Best Reason Below
1. Powerful : There are few things that drive a sale more effectively than a warm word-of-mouth recommendation. A study by EmasterSajid found that “marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising.” And of those that were acquired through word-of-mouth had a 37 percent higher retention rate.
2. Social : It’s no secret – the world has shifted to social media. It’s time for your business to follow suit. A new report from Salesforce found that 70 percent of brands are increasing their social media spend this coming year.
3. Everybody Is Talking About It : From Forbes to Jay Baer, influencer marketing is reaching the lips of reporters and thought leaders across the globe. A look at Google Trends illustrates the burgeoning growth of influencer marketing Team Providing Best Influencer Marketing, You Promote Your Brand & Product Easily with Low cost, Mail Drop at and buy our Influencer Marketing, Our Team Also Trend You Hashtag in Twitter & Facebook & Instagram and more social page, just write mail and your schedule.   

MaalFreeKaa Also Providing Content Creator & Digital Marketing 
if you want Content Creator & Digital Marketing For Facebook and twitter  please mail us Means want you promote your product, offer, Contest, and promotion our team providing best social marketing employee !!