Free Surface Mount Sample Box !! Zierick Engineers

Free Surface Mount Sample Box !! Zierick Engineers

This 3.5" x 4.5" box contains a sampling of terminals from each of Zierick&s surface mount product lines. This includes pins, posts, tabs (quick disconnect terminals), headers, board stacking connectors, fine wire connectors, insulation displacement connectors, wire grippers, jumpers, tab receptacles, box receptacles, fuse clips, auto fuse receptacles, and sockets. The Features and Benefits cards enclosed in each box explain the unique characteristics of each of these lines. 

Zierick also offers 3-D downloadable part files on our website for the items you will find in the box. The following link will take you directly to the list of Surface Mount products. You can easily scroll through the solid models to find the kind of part you want. Then click on the part number you wish to view or download in 3-D. If you know the Part Number you wish to see, go to our "downloadable CAD files" announcement to view a list of the 3-D solid models available.

Zierick Manufacturing Corporation has been in business for 90 years, and is the leading source of solutions to complex interconnection requirements and problems. From standard products to our custom-made goods, Zierick has invented and produced technologies which have become the industry standard and which will continue to shape the industry in the future.

We hope you like what you see. Please if you have any questions. 

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