Free Voice Call Text SMS Vocie SMS Any Where In India !!

Free Voice Call Text SMS Vocie SMS Any Where In India !!

Site2SMS.Com = Text SMS, Voice SMS & Voice Call. We have launched Live Voice Call Feature by which you can talk to your loved ones anytime over the Phone Call using Site2SMS.Com!

Site2Sms.Com is first Web Portal to Start Free Voice
SMS and Voice Call. Using Site2sms you can Send Text
and Voice SMS. Now they
have launched Free Voice
call……..using this service you
can call any Indian mobile number for 60 Seconds

How Does it work-

Site2SMS.Com will Call your Friends Mobile Number First and as soon as it will answer
the phone call They will call
to your mobile and after answering it you both will be
able to talk to each other
free for over 60 Seconds

How To Work 

2. Login or Register

3. Visit Voice call page here

4. Click Dial number

5. Dial mobile number and click call 

6. Click Yes connect my call 

7. First Site2sms will connect your friend’s
mobile then your

Note:- You can’t call to DND registered number.

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