Get Free Payback Card And Earn More point Every Purchase !!

Get Free Payback Card And Earn More point Every Purchase !!

PAYBACK is a unique loyalty program that lets you earn points for the things you do daily, like refueling, traveling, shopping, eating out, watching movies, flying etc. etc. You can earn points irrespective of how you make the payment be it cash, cheque, credit or debit card. Points earned can be redeemed against fabulous rewards from the PAYBACK rewards cetlogue or at PAYBACK’s various offline partners and online partners. i-mint IS NOW PAYBACK, Your i-mint points are now called PAYBACK points.

3 simple steps to earn PAYBACK points right away

Shop on your online shopping store
During Payment, enter your 16 digit PAYBACK (former i-mint) card number in the provided field
Earn PAYBACK points

Choose your favorite PAYBACK card - Join now!

Apply for your free PAYBACK card and benefit from many advantages. You can choose from the list of cards issued by various PAYBACK partners. Of course, all cards have the same advantages for you.

Visit here And Join Now

Customer loyalty along with customer satisfaction is a key to the success of every organization. 

Smart marketers focus on rewarding customers who make repeat purchases. Such reward programs have their place in assuring customer loyalty in marketing. A Customer Loyalty Program is a structured marketing effort to reward the customer and encourage loyal buying behaviour. 

Today, loyalty programs are operational across various categories such as fuel, airlines, hotels, shopping malls, bookstores, credit cards, etc. Members of loyalty programs earn points on their shopping with specific stores/brands. These points can be redeemed for products, gifts, services etc. 

PAYBACK is India's largest loyalty program that brings together leading national and regional brands on a single loyalty platform. PAYBACK allows its members to earn points across categories on their PAYBACK card. Customers can redeem their accumulated points for exciting rewards from the online PAYBACK catalogue. 

PAYBACK has also introduced a one-of-its kind real time redemption tool at selected partners online and in your city.

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