Get Free Sample BErtolli Olive Oil 500ML !! SureBzz (Mumbai/Thane/Navi Mumbai Only)

Get Free Sample BErtolli Olive Oil 500ML !! SureBzz (Mumbai/Thane/Navi Mumbai Only)

We all love to cook or at least eat good food! Ask any master chef “What is the secret to great cooking” and he/she will usually answer “Use the best ingredients and cook with your heart!”

SureBzz presents to you the Bertolli Classico Olive Oil SureBzz Campaign! Bertolli is the No.1 Olive Oil Brand in the world! It has been in existence since 1865, operates in more than 100 countries and has a market share of over 22%!  Bertolli offers different olive oils for hot and cold cooking.

This SureBzz Bertolli campaign invites you to try the Bertolli Classico olive oil for yourself! Being perfect for hot usage and stable at high temperatures, it blends well with Indian cooking. Use it in your favourite frying/deep frying/roasting recipes and see the difference in taste, flavour and overall food quality! Get ready to receive loads of praises!

This campaign will give you a free 500 ml Classico bottle + Bertolli branded Apron + Bertolli branded Cap + Discount vouchers + LOTS OF PRAISES for your cooking! All we ask you to do is to simply try the olive oil for yourself and share your experiences with your friends, family & colleagues. We would also love to hear about your likes or dislikes about the oil, your suggestions and feedback via SureBzz Reports. These can be submitted when you logon to and navigate to the campaign section.


Visit and click on the “JOIN” button on top corner
Fill in your details and submit the registration form
Check your email for account activation link. If you cannot see the mail, be sure to check your SPAM folder.
Complete your profile and check your address / mobile numbers! We need these to send you the kit!
(Optional but recommended)Take surveys so that we can know you better and you can be matched to future campaigns!
Wait for campaign invitation email to come to you in the next few days. You will also be informed via SMS.
Accept campaign invitation when it arrives.
Get ready to taste the amazing flavour and quality of Bertolli Classico Olive Oil!
Share your experiences with friends, family & colleagues
Submit SureBzz Reports in so that we know what you liked and did not like!
Bzz Bzz and Bzz some more!
Thats it! No purchases, nothing to buy or no obligations from your end. Your honest feedback is all that we ask for.

Note: Currently this campaign is for residents of Mumbai/Thane/Navi Mumbai only. on first cum first serve basis. Coming to other cities soon!

Go To Free Order Page :

Read Care Fully And Participate Free Offer !! Best of Luck


To find the answer, participate in the campaign! More fun facts and trivia for you in the campaign.

Bertolli – The No.1 Olive Oil Brand in the World!

Some of the Bertolli variants offered in India include:

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: For that authentic Mediterranean taste and flavour. Perfect for cold cooking like salads, pastas and dips

CLASSICO OLIVE OIL: Mild taste and extremely healthy. Perfect for hot cooking like frying & roasting. Stable at high temperatures

EXTRA LIGHT OLIVE OIL: Light in flavour and replacement for vegetable oils. Perfect for baking and frying.

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