New Contest Gift Received MTV Roadies 4 GB Pan Drive & Coupon Worth 200 !!

New Contest Gift Received MTV Roadies 4 GB Pan Drive & Coupon Worth 200 !!

Still tied to boring ice cream flavours?, Gelato Italiano gives you a chance to break free and experience a great tasting Gelatos at an affordable price!!

Gelato Italiano is one of the pioneer brands of Gelatos in India. Today, Gelato Italiano is synonymous with great taste, freshness and affordability. Over 84 outlets across 7 cities and counting, Gelato Italiano has captured the minds of the youth in a big way.

Gelato Italiano strength comes from its innovative flavours and quality. The all time favourite flavours include Swiss Chocolate, Fer Rocher, Madagascar Fine Chocolate, Yogurt Wild Berry and New York Cheesecake.

The best Gelato is freshly made and served. Gelatos are the healthier and tastier Italian dessert options, as they contain no added flavours or preservatives. Gelato Italiano goes a step further to look after those who have a sweet tooth yet want to be healthy too by offering 98 per cent diet lite sugar free options and 99.9 per cent fat free sorbettos.

It’s Fresh, It’s Tasty, It’s Gelato Italiano!

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