Contest !! 20-20 Cash Simply Answer the Questions and Win BenQ Goodies !! BenQ India

Contest !! 20-20 Cash Simply Answer the Questions and Win BenQ Goodies !! BenQ India

BenQ Proudly Presents 20-20 Bash. Simply Answer the Questions and Win BenQ Goodies!!

Term & Condition 

Important:  Please read these rules before entering this contest.By participating in this Contest, you agree to be bound by these official rules and represent that you satisfy all of the eligibility requirements below.
Visit BenQ India’s facebook page and ‘Like’ it to get regular updates from us.
This contest is open to Indian Nationals & Residents of India only.
For Predict & Win question - We will accept the last entry till 30 minutes past starting the match. Write your answers in comments, we will make a Draw between the fans which have given the correct answers.
For Rapid Fire - During the IPLtournament , we will be conducting Rapid Fire Contest on certain days askingquestions related with IPL. Time of the latest rapid fire will be announced onpage 1-2 days in advance. 5 questions will be asked on a day. First person toanswer correctly gets 10 points Winner of the day gets BenQ jersey( In case of Tie , we will keep on asking questions tillwe get a Winner ). 
All the points of the Rapid fire for all days will keep on accumulating andMember getting maximum number of points for the entire season gets Tshirt + Gift Pack.
The decision of the BenQ Management on the results will be final and no queries/suggestions regarding the same will be entertained. 

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