Contest !! Share Your Idea Win Spacial Gift !! Haier Appliances India

Contest !! Share Your Idea Win Spacial Gift !! Haier Appliances India

How about flaunting exciting Haier Goodies this summer?

Exciting naa… :)

Then participate in ‘Share Your Idea’ Contest to win special Haier-special gifts

Are You Cricket Ready?
Yes then its time you help others get ready for another exciting Cricket Season with fun & passion reloaded! All you need to do is to use your creative imagination to the best and churn out your most unique and inspiring ideas to help the interested yet busy Cricket lovers make time to watch Cricket Matches by using Haier Products!

Share your Creative & Novel Ideas to help others make time for Cricket by using Haier Appliances.
Your time starts now!

Still thinking how? Have a look-

Haier helps you make time for Cricket the easy, interesting and eco friendly way!

Interested but No Time to watch cricket?
Make your Laundry Time your Cricket Time and let Haier’s Washing Machine with NZP Technology do your laundry without disturbing you!

Put your hands together for a clap every time your favorite cricketer hits a 6 and let your Microwave Oven pop healthy Pop Corns for the next thrilling moment!

High Adrenaline Rush making the ambiance tense?
Switch on Haier’s AC with Air Therapy System for pure and stress-free air flow to maintain your cool even in times of excitement.

Put your hands to good use. Clap and not rub your eyes while viewing exciting cricket matches!
Bring home Haier’s 3D TV with 1920*1080 resolution to offer you seamless color pictures for a stress free viewing experience.

Haier helps you compartmentalize your refrigerator suiting your family’s requirement during tense Cricket moments!

Son finds it difficult to move out to get more ice cubes

Daughter finds it difficult to sip shake without ice. What to do then?

"Get home Haier’s new fridge with ’Unique Convertible Door Technology’ to transform a section of your fridge from refrigerator to Freezer (viz a viz) with a press of Button"

Got it?

Now fill the form to ’Share your Idea’. Your ’Inspiring Ideas’ can get you a chance to win exciting Haier goodies.

Go To Contest Running Page :-

Fill The Form And Share Your Idea Now 

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