Zingy Spot The Design Contest

Zingy Spot The Design Contest Win Flipkart Vouchers Free

Zingy Spot Design Contest
Zingy Homes Announce Zingy spot the design image online contest all are invited participt and get a chance to win flipkart gift vouchers. 3 lucky winner from the participants who answer correctly will get flipkart git voucher worth Rs 500 each entries will be accepted till 28th august 2016  winner will be announced on 30th august 2016 please share this post with your friends and relatives and encourage them to participate as well 

How To Participate

1. If you are a non-member, sign up and become a member at www.zingyhomes.com. It's free! ( Note: Sign up as 'others' if other options are irrelevant to you ). Existing members don't have to sign up.
2. Find the below images on the 'Design Ideas' section of our website ( Hint: Image 1 is on the living room page and Image 2 is on the Bedroom page) - Entry to Design Ideas section is on the menu bar of the site next to 'Professionals

3. Once spotted, click on the image, a popup will open, at the right you'll find the respective names of the Architect/Interior Designer who designed the living room and bedroom in the above images.

4. Post the names of the Architects/Interior Designers who designed the rooms ( above images) in the comment section of the contest post on our Facebook page via your Facebook Account along with hashtag #ZingySpotDesignImageContest. Also, mention the name you used to sign up or post your ZingyHomes profile url ( Existing members should also mention the name or url ). 

Example - Image 1 < Name of the Architect/Interior Designer> Image 2 < Name of the Architect/Interior Designer> #ZingySpotDesignImageContest < ZingyHomes Profile url or name used to sign up>

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