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The Ultimate Reading Championship Contest Chance To Win an iPhone 7 and more cash reward

The Ultimate Reading Contest

Gear up for an all-new exciting contest. An all new exciting contest start in few days first pre register to this contest after you able to participate The Ultimate Reading championship Contest and win new brand an Apple iPhone 7 FREE and more cash reward. Best Reader win this prize The ultimate reading champion with maximum points will be rewarded with a brand new iPhone 7 & 9 readers (2nd to 10th position) will win $100 VISA gift cards. Any one participate this contest this contest online for world wide user (international Contest). so don't worry just participate and win.
Indulge in ulimited reading and win an iPhone 7. 

Readers from 190 countries participated and saved 2,000+ trees in the last 1 month. We're proud of every single one of you, who are fulfilling our dream of making our planet greener and safer. Check all winner name last contest here

Hearty congratulations to the top readers of the month, who have won a brand new iPhone 7 and VISA Gift Cards!

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Thank you for pre-registering in the contest. We'll get back to you with more details on the contest and prizes on October 25th!

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