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Are you Find Online Do you know someone in need of a Property, Loan, or Interior Designer Today We are share awesome offer for you Just post you required about buy or sell property loan or interior Designer you can earn paytm cash wallet Rs 100 you earn two side just post about your buying required and post about you sell after you received phone verify you get free paytm cash worth rs 100 its simple option to earn more post to more get paytm cash wallet 

Any information that leads to a purchase by someone is a lead. Anyone who posts business opportunity information about buyers on Spini. Anyone who’s interested in purchasing or getting any form of product or service

Examples of Leads:
You want to buy a new car.
Your Neighbourhood shopkeeper wants a small cash loan
You know someone who is looking for a property to buy or rent.
You know a friend who is looking for a life or healthcare insurance policy.

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