Reveal Card With Anushka

Reveal Card With Anushka Contest Win Million Rupees

Reveal Card with Anushka Sharma And Win Cash Prize

Anushka Sharma Reveal Card Online Contest Start Today You Can Play This Awesome Contest and Reveal To Card and Win Cash Prize. Easy you have UC News apps and play on Mobile so why you wait play now to win cash prize or amazon gift card daily.

How to win prizes
1. There are 4 types of cards: UC Entertainment, UC Sports, UC Society & UC Technology
2. For the 1st time you play this game, you can get 1 card.
3. Download UC News, you can get 1 more card.
4. Invite 1 friend to download UC News and enter your code, you can get 1 chance to reveal a card. 
5. The more friends you invite, the more chances you will have.
6. If the order of your cards is UC Entertainment, UC Cricket, UC Economy, you can win Rs 50,000 Cash.
7. If the order of your cards is UC Entertainment, UC Economy, UC Society, you can win Rs 500 Amazon Gift Card.
8. If the order of your cards is UC Entertainment, UC Cricket, UC Society, you can win Rs 10 Amazon Coupon.
9. You can change a certain card that you have already got if you still have a chance to reveal cards.
10. If you redeem your prize, the cards you have revealed will be cleared. And you can get your prize.

How to get chance to reveal cards?
You can check your code by clicking on the "Codes & Invitation", or checking on homepage.
Invite your friends to download UC News & enter your code to give you chances to reveal cards.
Each friend you invite can only give you 1 chance to reveal a card.

Prizes Won via This Contest 
UC News provides unique trending content in fields of Entertainment, Sports, Society & Technology. We are looking for trending users. Invite your friends to UC News, enter your code to help you reveal cards. You have a chance to win million rupees!
Rs 50,000 Cash
Rs 500 Amazon Gift Card (valid from Jan 19 - Feb 28)
Rs 10 Amazon Coupon (valid from Jan 19 - Feb 10)

Contest Duration : January 20, 2017 - January 27, 2017 23:59:59 (IST)

Download UC News or Enter Code

Enter Code : 1193305

Note : Enter Code : 1193305 after you reveal card to first chance

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