New Blue Look Challenge Win an Apple iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE 64GB 30 Lucky Winner Grab FREE. Take Part The New Blue Look Challenge Contest By Imperial Blue Men will be Men. Prince Narula looks dapper in his stylish new blue look. Show your style by sharing your own The New Blue Look and you could get an exciting iPhone. During the Campaign, a total no. of 30 lucky winners out of the pool of Participants will be chosen by the Organizers as Winners, who will win Apple iPhone SE with 64 GB ROM, Must be captured against a neutral background where the focus is on the Participant. Each Participant may participate multiple times during the Campaign Period however, he/she will only be eligible to win once.

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How To Win iPhone SE 64GB ?
1. Click a stylish picture or record a cool video of yourself and flaunt your New Blue Look
2. Post it on social media with #TheNewBlueLook and tag Imperial Blue Men Will Be Men on Facebook or @menwillbemen on Instagram
3. Like the Facebook and/or Follow the Instagram handle of Imperial Blue Men Will Be Men. MAKE SURE TO KEEP YOUR PROFILE IN ‘PUBLIC’ MODE. And that's it!
4. 30 MFK Lucky Winner Win Apple iPhone SE 64GB

How To Upload Qualify and Winning Entry?
The Entry: Be obscene, vulgar
Have content which has or hints towards any content which is sexual in nature
Be distasteful and disrespecting of any brand of PRI
Solicit or promote any product and should be limited to sharing the New Blue Look
Include any mention of a competing brand of PRI

Must have :
A prominent part of their clothing (Shirt/Jacket for men and the Top/Dress for women) in blue color
A neatly worn wardrobe which should not be torn/untidy/misfit]Must be captured against a neutral background where the focus is onthe Participant Only those entries which qualify the criteria prescribed under above shall be considered eligible for winning the Prize.

Contest End : 15th January 2021

Click The Below To Play The New Blue Look  Challenge

Play & Win Apple iPhone SE

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