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TCL Mini LED Quiz Answer & Win Exciting Prizes

The TCL Mini LED QLED launch is a few days away from now! Before going for the next teaser unveil, we want to see how much our fans know about Mini LED technology. Take the Mini LED Quiz today, answer simple questions, and win exciting prizes. Play Simple TCL Mini LED Quiz Contest

TCL Mini LED Quiz Contest Answer:
1: ________ is the _________ brand to introduce Mini LED Technology to the market in 2019.

A. TCL, first
B. LG, first
C. Samsung, first
D. Sony, first

2: In 2021, TCL brings India's _________ to Indian customers.

A. first Mini LED QLED Android TV
B. second QLED TV
C. first Hands-free Voice Control TV
D. second Android 11 TV

3: TCL Mini LED technology reduces the sizes of LED bulbs to astonishing 151 um, utilize thousands of miniature LED bulbs that sits behind the LCD substrate and combines with _____ to provide a brighter and clearer picture.

A. HDR 10 + and Dolby Vision
B. full array local dimming zones and ultra-high precision brightness control
C. Dolby Atmos sound and DTS-HD
D. QLED display panel

4: With TCL Mini LED technology, customers can enjoy a picture with ______.

A. 7,000 + APP & Games at fingertip
B. immersive 360 surround sound
C. casting mobile content to the TV via Chromecast built-in
D. every detail, accurate colors and breathtaking contrast, all with incredible realism.

5: In terms of picture, TCL Mini LED TV has _______ than OLED TVs.

A. more global and local streaming APPs
B. hands-free voice control
C. larger sound output
D. higher brightness, greater contrast and more color volume

6: In terms of quality, TCL Mini LED TV has _____ than OLED TVs

A. longer lifespan with no screen burn in
B. more HDR content
C. more Dolby Vision content
D. larger panel size

7: In terms of price, TCL Mini LED TV is _____ expensive than OLED TVs

A. more
B. less
C. same
D. much

8: In terms of power consumption, TCL Mini LED TV has ___ power consumption than OLED TVs.

A. much
B. less
C. more
TCL Mini LED Contest Win Prize Rs 1000
How To Play TCL Mini LED Quiz Contest?
1. Play TCL Mini LED Quiz Contest Click Here
2. Enter Your Name, Mobile, Email 
4. Answer All 8 Question Correctly
5. All Question Correctly Eligible to Win Lucky Draw Contest
6. Lucky MFK Win Free Gift Card Worth Rs 1000

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