Bournvita Back To School Activation Win Bicycle

Buy Bournvita Promo Pack And Get Chance To Win Free Bicycle, Scooter and More Prizes. This is a limited period Campaign and relates to Bournvita 750g plain, Bournvita 750g Five Star Magic, Bournvita 1 KG pouch and Oreo Milkshake Products only. In the event of death of Prize Winner, no nominees or heirs or any other person shall be eligible to the Prize and no claim from the nominee or his/her legal heirs of the Winner or any other person shall be entertained for receiving the Prize.

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This Bournvita Back To School Activation
How To Win Bicycle Scooter and Cashback?
1. Buy Bournvita  750g plain, 750g Five Star Magic,1 KG pouch and Oreo Milkshake
2. Give a miss call to 7829558444 (WhatsApp Register Mobile)
3. They will receive a message on WhatsApp asking them to upload the invoice
4. Post successful verification of the invoice, the customer will receive a reward code and a weblink to redeem their reward.
5. 200 Lucky MFK Win Free Bicycles/ Scooters Prizes and 11500 Cashback

There are a maximum of 11500 cashback and 200 Bicycles/ Scooters Prizes under the Campaign. The 200 Bicycles/ Scooters winners will be drawn weekly. TN entries are not eligible for this, For TN assured Rs 50 cashback. The Prizes are funded by Mondelez under this Campaign, one for each Participant who complies with our T&Cs. To Participate in the Campaign, the Participant is required to, at his/her sole discretion, purchase of Bournvita 750g plain, Bournvita 750g Five Star Magic, Bournvita 1 KG pouch and Oreo Milkshake Products only. Participation in the Campaign is subject to availability of the Product in the market or specified stores, as applicable and indicated in these T&Cs, during the Campaign Period. We or Campaign Partner shall not be held responsible for any circumstance leading to non-availability of the Product in the market.

Campaign End : Till Stock of Winners Selection

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