Ghadi Machine Wash SMS Win Washing Machine

Ghadi Machine Wash SMS Contest : Win Free Washing Machine Every Hours

Ghadi Is Running New SMS Offer Contest Buy Ghadi Machine Wash Detergent Powder Promo Pack and Win Free Washing Machine Every Hours. Ghadi Machine Wash 1 KG Promo Pack Buy and Find Unique Code and SMS to win Every hours Free Washing Machine. This offer is part of the Ghadi Woohoo Contest, where customers have the chance to win free washing machines every hour. All you need to do is buy the Ghadi Machine Wash 1 KG Promo Pack and find the unique code inside. 
Ghadi Washing Wash Offer Contest Win Washing Machine

How To Win Washing Machine By Ghadi Machine Wash Promo Pack?

1. Buy Ghadi Machine Wash Promo Pack 1 KG
2. Find The 11 Digit Unique Code Inside Ghadi Machine Wash Promo Pack
3. Type GMW<Space> 11 Digit Unique And Send To 7036185000
4.  SMS Timing 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Every Day During Contest Time.
5. Every Hours Lucky MFK Winners Win Free Washing Machine (708 Total Winners)

Qualification of Ghadi Machine Wash Offer
From within the valid entries a total of 708 winners will be randomly selected from 1st of Feb to 31st of March 2023 & every week a maximum of 84 winners will be selected out of all the valid entries, that will be getting for that particular week.
Completion of KYC process will be a necessity to be eligible to receive the prize. The KYC process will have to be completed by or before 30th April 2023.
Completion of the KYC process will entail uploading the Address Proof. It will also entail providing information such as legal name, shipping address etc.
RSPL holds the right to remove someone as a winner if found spurious, or if the same individual has already won a prize prior in the promotion duration.

The Ghadi Woohoo Contest is a lucky draw contest where a winner is chosen every hour. If you are the lucky winner, you will receive a free washing machine. This offer is the best opportunity to win a prize while doing something as mundane as washing clothes. Ghadi Machine Wash Term read here. This offer is part of the Ghadi Woohoo Contest, where customers have the chance to win free washing machines every hour.

To participate, the unique code given inside the pack must be sent via SMS to the number mentioned on the pack in the following format: GMW<space>Unique code to < 7036185000 >. Upon successfully sending the details in the described format, the participant will be informed via SMS of their valid participation. The Program will start at 08:00:01 AM on 1st February 2023 and end at 08:00 PM on 31st March 2023. Any entries attempted and/or made before or after the prescribed/allotted Program duration will summarily be rejected.

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Announcement of Ghadi Washing Wash Winners
Congratulation SMS along with a link to upload the KYC documents is received by you from Pine Labs Pvt Ltd, you may be shortlisted as a winner. In addition, TWO rounds of calls to be made to provide & complete KYC process. The participant will be deemed a winner only if they are able to finish the KYC process by or before 30th April 2023.
List of winners will be available on
Packs are available without this offer also
Images are for representation purposes only

Shortlisted winners to get a congratulation SMS. SMS to have KYC link. Shortlisted winner needs to click on the link & complete the process

Contest Duration:
The Program is valid only in India from 01/02/2023 to 31/03/2023

Buy Ghadi Machine Wash Promo Pack & Win Every Hours Washing Machine FREE

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