IPL 2023 The Indian Paperless League Contest

IPL 2023 The Indian Paperless League Contest 

IPL 2023 The Indian Paperless League Contest

TATA IPL 2023 Paperless League Contest Win Daily Reward

 Tata Group Takes The Rights For The 2022 And 2023 IPL Season. Here's Your Chance to WIN daily rewards. Play & Win Big. Here’s your chance to join our digital movement, participate in our daily giveaways and take the first step towards a smart, safe & secure way of digitally managing your health records. hat’s not it! There’s also a GRAND PRIZE worth ₹50,000. Indian Paperless League (IPL) is India’s first ever digital league - an initiative by D-Riefcase that aims at educating people about the importance of digitization of health records.

How To Play IPL Indian Paperless League Contest?

1. Play IPL 2023 Indian Paperless League Contest Click Here
2. Enter Your Mobile Number And Verify via OTP
3. Enter Your First Name and Last Name
4. The more you play, the higher the chances of you winning
5. Lucky MFK Winner Daily Prizes Worth Rs 50,000/- 

How Can I Win The Indian Paperless League This TATA IPL 2023

Participate now and increase your chances of winning. Don’t forget to come back everyday to score more Runs. That’s not it! Along with daily winners, we also have a ‘Player of the Series’ giveaway. We’ll celebrate your victory if you’re the leading participant on the leaderboard by the end of the campaign. This simply means, you take away Amazon Vouchers worth 50,000. So, join us in this revolutionary movement and WIN BIG

FAQs TATA IPL 2023 Indian Paperless League

1. Who can participate in the league?
The Indian Paperless League is open to all the citizens of India aged 18 years and above.

2. How can I increase my chances of winning?
The more you play, the higher the chances of you winning. The Indian Paperless League page
has a certain set of scores for each activity you participate in. Be it playing the daily quiz or
watching IPL videos on the page and sharing it with your friends, etc. You will be rewarded for
everything you do, as long as you participate every day and rank higher on the leaderboard.
Kindly note that frivolous entries will be disqualified from the League. Only genuine entries will
be considered. Management discretion in this regard will be final and binding.
● Quiz:
○ 1 Run (Easy Level)
○ 4 Runs (Intermediate Level)
○ 6 Runs (Pro Level)
● App Download: 4 Runs
● Create ABHA: 6 Runs
● Add a Family Member on D-Riefcase: 6 Runs
● Upload Documents: 50 Runs Each
● Watch a Video: 1 Run
● Share The Video: 4 Runs

3. Will there be winners announced daily?
Yes, there will be daily as well as a winner across the entire season who will be the “Player of
the Series”. To qualify as the Player of the Series, ensure you participate everyday.

4. What prizes do the winners get?
The winners stand a chance to win exciting gift vouchers from Amazon. Daily Winners get a
voucher of Rs. 1,000/- each and the Player of the Series would stand to win a grand prize of
Amazon vouchers worth Rs. 50,000/-

5. What happens if the scores are tied at the end of the day or the League?
In the case of a tie, there would be a lucky draw among the lucky winners. There will be only
one winner in any category.

6. Is there an age limit to participate in the Indian Paperless League?
Yes, you need to be 18 years of age or above.

7. Is it mandatory to participate every day to win?
It’s not mandatory to participate everyday but the more you participate, the more chances of
you winning.

8. What if I am an existing user of D-Riefcase? How can I participate?
As an existing user of D-Riefcase, you will lose out on scoring points for downloading the app but
you can always make up for it by participating in all the other activities.

9. What happens after the Indian Paperless League is over?
The League may get over, but your journey with D-Riefcase as a custodian of your health records
will never end. You can also continue to use the D-Riefcase app for storing and accessing not just
yours but also your family’s medical records in an organized way. These include doctor
prescriptions, pathlab reports, medical bills, your pet’s health records, etc. You can still
continue to follow and engage with D-Riefcase on all social media platforms like Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

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