Harrier Safari With ADAS Contest: Win Big Prizes

Harrier Safari With ADAS Contest: Win Big Prizes

Harrier Safari With ADAS Contest: Win Big Prizes
The Harrier Safari With ADAS contest is a free-to-enter contest for everyone. The participants can take part and 10 winners per feature of the contest will be gratified with exclusive prizes. You are busy doing your own thing, when someone shows up unannounced Wish you had a Blind Spot Detection alert you of such embarrassing mishaps, right? 

Now, here’s your chance to WIN surprises and a TEST DRIVE in the All-New Harrier/Safari! Tell us one moment you REALLY need a Blind Spot Detection alert, in the comments below! 10 WINNERS with the funniest moments will be chosen!

How To Participate Harrier Safari With ADAS Contest?

1. Follow HARRIER and SAFARI on Instagram and Tata Motors Cars on all social platforms
2. Share your moment when you felt the need for that particular ADAS feature in your real life, expressing the whole situation in short. The answers must be shared within 72  hours of the post going live.

Total 10  winners per feature will be selected on the basis of:
• Witty/Funny Entries
• All rules followed 
TMPVL reserves the right to score numbers. TMPVL reserves the right to withdraw/suspend/cancel this contest and amend or modify the Terms and Conditions without any prior notice and without assigning any reason thereof.

The decision of TMPVL with regard to any conflict or any other matter regarding the contest shall be final and binding on the participants.

The  Harrier Safari With ADAS contest winners will be announced on - 14th July 2023 and will be given an exclusive present. This gratification offered to the winners of this contest is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged. The winner cannot claim cash in lieu of the gratification.

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