Web Page Using ChatGPT Challenge: Win Big Prizes

Web Page Using ChatGPT Challenge: Win Big Prizes

Web Page Using ChatGPT Challenge: Win Big Prizes

The challenge focuses on Generative AI and requires participants to develop a responsive and creative web page using ChatGPT to convey an Independence Day message.

The winning participant will be determined based on the most imaginative message and flawless code. Participants are free to use any programming language, but they must submit their code through a GitHub repository link. 

Yes, you heard it right! The challenge got extended till 31st of August! Make sure that you are sharing it with all the coding enthusiasts that you know!

How To Participate Web Page Using ChatGPT Challenge?

1. Take Challenge Web Page Using ChatGPT Click Here
2. Follow all CloudThat social media pages
3. Like the post and tag 3 friends
4. Comment with the GitHub repository link of the code on any of our social media posts
5. Lucky MFK winners Win Exacting Prizes

Your chance to bag incredible prizes! 

1st Prize Winner  
Microsoft Exam Vouchers
CloudThat Goodies

2nd Prize winner 
Amazon Vouchers worth Rs 1000 
Microsoft Exam Vouchers
CloudThat Goodies 

The Independence Day challenge will revolve around the theme of "Unity in Diversity" to celebrate India's rich cultural heritage, encompassing various religions, castes, and creeds. 

Participants must ensure that their submitted messages reflect the essence of diversity, which will be considered as one of the evaluation criteria during judging.

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How do I sign up for a GitHub account?
You can find detailed instructions in this blog post.

Is it permissible to use platforms other than GitHub to publish my repository?
No, it is not allowed.

Can I utilize ready-made CSS libraries like Bootstrap or Tailwind CSS to design a webpage?
Yes, you can use them.

How can I make my private repository public?
To make a private repository public, go to the "Settings" tab, scroll down to the "Danger Zone" section, and choose "Make public." Keep in mind that once a repository is made public, it cannot be made private for free.

Can I undo changes to a file if I make a mistake during uploading or editing?
Yes, you can revert changes by accessing the file's version history. In the file view, click on "History" to see the commits, and then select the version you want to restore.

What should I do if I encounter an error while trying to upload a file?
If you encounter an error, double-check the file size limit and ensure you have the necessary permissions for the repository. If the problem persists, check GitHub's status page or community forums for any known issues.

Is it mandatory to follow a specific repository naming structure, like CloudThat-FirstName-LastName? No, it’s not mandatory.

Can I have multiple pages on my website, such as home, about, services, etc.?
No, only one single page is allowed.

Contest End: 31st August

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