First Naukri Brand Quiz Answer Win Rs 10000

First Naukri Brand Quiz Answer Win Rs 10000

Participate in the ultimate "First Naukri Brand Quiz" and get a chance to win a whopping Rs 10,000!
Participate in the ultimate "First Naukri Brand Quiz" and get a chance to win a whopping Rs 10,000! Are you fascinated by the world of brands, their iconic logos, taglines, and fascinating history? If so, join our exciting contest series.
It's your golden opportunity to showcase your knowledge about top brands and earn big. Answer the quiz questions correctly, and you could be the lucky winner to take home this exciting cash prize. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to test your brand expertise and win big rewards. Put your thinking caps on, join the quiz, and stand a chance to make your pockets heavier with Rs 10,000.

How To Participate First Naukri Brand Quiz Answer & Win?

  1. Play First Naukri Brand Quiz Contest Click Here
  2. Click On "Enroll" No Button
  3. Answer All Question Correctly
  4. Lucky MFK Winners Win Free Prize Worth Rs 10000.
  5. Why You Should Participate? In First Naukri Brand Quiz
  6. Expand your knowledge of brand history and brand influence
  7. Win cash prizes worth 10K and certificates from
  8. Compete with your peers to prove your branding prowess
  9. Enhance your resume with an impressive achievement

Instructions For First Naukri Brand Quiz

  • ● The contest consists of 30 MCQ-based questions to be done in 30 minutes
  • ● Although the maximum time limit for the test is 30 minutes, the winners will be selected based on the speed of completion of the test, with the fastest students being rewarded
  • ● There is a negative marking for wrong answers.
  • ● Please ensure you click on the submit button post-completion of the test.
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First Naukri Brand Quiz Term And Conditions.

  1. You can only participate in the contest with a single ID. A participant using multiple IDs to participate in the contest will be disqualified.
  2. The contest will be remotely proctored and any student using unfair means will be disqualified by
  3. reserves the right to ask for identity proof at any stage during the contest or before disbursal of prize money
  4. Scoring for the contest will be done as per the rules and regulations.
  5. Top 3 winners will be given a prize (Amazon Voucher) of INR 10K. 1st prize is INR 5000, 2nd Prize is INR 3000, 3rd prize is INR 2000. If there is a tie in ranks, the prize money gets divided.  . Eg. Suppose the ranks are 1,1,3,4 - > so first 2 will get sum of the 1st and 2nd rank prize money (5K+3K) divided among the two and third one gets 2K. If the ranking is 1,2,3,3,3,3,7 -> then 1st rank gets 5k, 2nd rank gets 3 k, and 3rd prize of 2k divided among 4 students so on and so fourth. Here is a table for your reference. The color sets depict different cases.
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