Cake Pudding Recipe Contest Win Prizes Rs 500

Cake Pudding Recipe Contest Win Prizes Rs 500

Share your cake and pudding recipe with us and get chance to win free prizes worth rs 500
Your Birthday or Celebration Cake & Pudding Recipe Share With us And Get Chance To Win Prizes Worth Rs 500. Who doesn't love dessert? Even those who don’t have a sweet tooth will have a go-to dessert that they can’t say no to!
Whether it's a celebration or a pick-me-up after a meal, desserts have a way of activating our mesolimbic system and giving us a dopamine rush. Which is why today, we bring you cake and pudding recipes that'll surely hit the sweet spot.

How To Share Cake & Pudding Recipe & Win Prizes

  1. Play Cake & Pudding Recipe Contest Click Here
  2. Contest Live on Google Form Must Need Google Account Logged
  3. Fill Your Correct Details
  4. Share Your Cake And Pudding Recipe
  5. Lucky MFK Winners Win Free Prize Rs 500 Bigbasket Gift Vouchers
Never baked before? It’s easy as long as you follow instructions to a T. Step into the kitchen, brave soul! Let us hold your not-so-fragile hand and unlock the secrets of baking heavenly cakes, from a sugar-dusted sponge cake to a flourless marble cake. 

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Love pudding but also watching your weight? No worries! In just minutes, you can make a nutritious and tasty sweet treat. Packed with protein and fibre, this pudding could become your go-to breakfast or anytime snack that you can indulge guilt-free.
Submit your delectable cake or pudding recipes for a chance to win a bb gift card worth Rs. 500!
Contest End: 10th October 

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