Funny Bone Paytm Share Funniest Win Cashback up to ₹5000

Funny Bone Paytm Share Funniest Win Cashback up to ₹5000

Tickle your Funny Bone! Share Funniest Comment & Win Exciting Cashback Paytm up to Rs 5000
Tickle your Funny Bone! Share Funniest Comment & Win Paytm Exciting Cashback up to ₹5000. What was the funniest comment you have ever read or posted? I am sure many!. Well, here is a chance for you to win an exciting cashback offer. We are giving a chance to bring out the humour in you by commenting the funniest response under our post on Instagram and Facebook. 

How to Participate Funny Bone Paytm Share Funniest Contest

  1. Participants need to comment their responses under the post on Instagram & Facebook
  2. Participants need to quote retweet their responses under the post on Twitter
  3. Share the tweet &/or comment with #PaytmKaro & tag @Paytm
  4. Lucky MFK Winners Win Free Up to Paytm Cashback ₹5000

Winner Selection of Funny Bone Paytm Contest:

  • Creativity and Originality: The extent to which the participant’s response showcases a unique and funny comments
  • The Paytm team will review and score each entry based on the criteria above.
  •  Entries will be scored on a [Specify Scoring Scale, e.g., 1 to 10] point scale for each criterion.
  • The entries with the highest total scores, as determined, will be selected as the winners.
  • Winners will be announced on 13th October through social media 

Prize/Gratification Win Cashback up to ₹5000:

  • The prize will be automatically credited to the winner’s Paytm account
  • Gratification will be in the form of Paytm Insider Vouchers, Paytm Deals, Cashback… up to ₹5000!
  • The participants selected as winners will be notified through our social media handles
A communication by email will be sent to only those Participants who have won the Contest.
The participants need to quote and retweet their responses under the post on Twitter. You can share the tweet &/or comment on your social media handles, and tag us with #PaytmKaro. The contest is for everyone, and it starts on 6th October and will end on 13th October. We will announce the winners on 13th October, and will notify them through our social media handle.

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Contest Duration: 
Participation in this Contest is valid from 6th Oct 2023 commencing at 6:00 PM and culminating on 13th Oct 2023 at 6:00 PM

Share Your Funnies Comment on Paytm Karo & Win

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