Contest !! StraightLine : Win Prizes Worth Rs 15,000 !!

Contest !! StraightLine : Win Prizes Worth Rs 15,000 !!

The group with min 10 people participating in the add shall qualify to vie for prizes.
Also the individuals sending the maximum no of referrals back to the site by the ' Invite Friends ' option also stands to win prizes. 
Go for it man! Invite your friends and vie for the prizes!

How Will The Winner Be Selected For Adda Sheriff Contest?
1. Minimum 10 people must participate in an adda , for an adda group formed by an individual to be eligible for the prizes .
2. 6 prizes - each equivalent to  Rs. 2000 shall be given to the  6  best Adda groups (1 to each group) and the prize  money shall be given to the ' Initiator ' of each Adda Group  for sharing amongst themselves 
3. 10 prizes worth Rs 300 for the top ten referrers ( minimum referral to qualify for the prize  10) 
4. The winning ‘adda group’ with the maximum no. of participants would depend on-
No. of people taking part in the Adda
Maximum number of Comments
Maximum number of Likes
Maximum number of Shares

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Like And Follow Instruction 

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