Contest !! Wrangler Denims Answer Win T-Shirt !! Wrangler Denims

Contest !! Wrangler Denims Answer Win T-Shirt !! Wrangler Denims

 We salute the dedication and efforts of each and every rider who was a part of this True Wanderers journey. 

We rode miles together across the country styled by Wrangler and bonded by the spirit of bikerhood.

Go True Wanderers... The road doesn't end here.

You traveled. You discovered. And you did it in style. 
You are the winner of #TrueWanderers 2.0. You are Milind Hiremath! 

Followed by 1st runner-up Akash Deep and 2nd runner-up Shrinath.

A big bikers' salute from Wrangler denims to all 10 riders who were a part of this massive movement!

Question :
How Can The Water Repellent Denim Be washed?

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STORM DENIM™ technology is a water-repellent finish for cotton
that offers protection from rain and snow, while maintaining the
natural comfort of cotton. The STORM DENIM™ finish offers improved
performance over typical durable water-repellent treatments by
maintaining excellent repellency performance throughout the
life of the garment and does not inhibit cotton's natural
ability to breathe.


Many water-repellent treatments inhibit a fabric's ability to breathe and transfer moisture vapor effectively. STORM DENIM™ technology does not affect the natural ability of cotton fabrics to breathe and keep you cool. Although it repels liquids, the finish still allows moisture vapor to pass through the fabric where it can dissipate into the environment, naturally keeping you more comfortable.


Unlike water-repellent coatings typically applied to fabric, the STORM DENIM™ finish is applied in garment form. This allows for greater flexibility to apply various garment finishing techniques to achieve the desired styling and appearance of the finished product. The finish is applied through garment dipping or by metered spray application in a garment machine. The finish must then be cured at the correct time and temperature to ensure durability and permanence over the life of the garment.


Typical DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finishes only last for a few washes, so a decrease in product performance is immediately noticeable. STORM DENIM™ technology works much better over the life of the garment to maintain a high level of repellency and product performance.

The adrenalin fuelled iconic denim brand Wrangler launches Water repellent denims for the first time in India. Wrangler known for its stylish and rugged innovative denim styles has come a long way from a cowboy image to an Urban Cowboy” image and now, the latest Water Repellent denim break all records.

The water repellent denim from Wrangler protects the wearer from moderate rain, snow, muddy slush from puddles or may be a cup of chai that could spill when a rider stops for a break at a highway dhaba. Moreover, the denims can be washed; the denim is water repellent but not water proof. Once the denim is soaked in water it can be washed and when ironed, the water repellency improves.

The denims make an ideal pick for free spirited riders willing to take on long rides with uncertain weather conditions. The denims are about comfort and functionality; it offers the natural comfort of regular denim and is made up of breathable fabric making it fashionable yet comfortable at the same time. So rush now to your nearest exclusive Wrangler store and grab your pair of water repellent denim, they are already flying of the shelves.

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