Contst !! Bikano Khao Dimag lagao Win Bikano hamper !! Bikano Namkeen

Contst !! Bikano Khao Dimag lagao Win  Bikano hamper !! Bikano Namkeen

Bikano khao, dimag lagao....

What is Bikano Bikaneri Bhujia made up of? Guess it correct and walk away with Bikano hamper. 

Winner will be declared tomorrow. Participate & share!

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Answer Bikano Bikaneri Bhujia Below Product Making :-
1. Bikano Moth Flour
2. Bikano Gram Flour
3. Bikano Red Chilli
4. Bikano Ginger
5. Bikano Black Pepper
6. Bikano Cardamoms
7. Bikano Cloves
8. Bikaono Vegetable Oil 
9. Bikano Vegetable Salt

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