Free Sample of Johnson Duck Discs !! Johnson Duck

Free Sample of Johnson Duck Discs !! Johnson Duck

Duck® The No.1 cageless Rimblock is now armed with a new formula which leaves a flush activated protection shield all around the toilet bowl – repelling limescale so that stains don’t stick. 

Available in:

Lime Zest, Marine, Lavender, Alpine Air and Ice Breeze fragrances
NEW Lime Zest and Marine refil

Hygiene in the home is an essential part of everyday life and particularly in the toilet. Given a little daily attention, bathrooms and lavatories can remain fresh and clean. 

The build up of limescale can lead to unsightly staining and a place for germs to collect. Duck™ provides a range of products designed to tackle these problems leaving your bathroom and toilet hygienic and clean.

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