Get Free Fabric samples !! Natural Curtain Company

Get Free Fabric samples !! Natural Curtain Company

Get up to 8 free samples of our range of gorgeous fabrics. Simply select them below and use the search tool on the left to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you need a bigger sample, grab some supersize swatches. Happy hunting
We love nothing more than transforming fabric into your new pair of curtains or blinds. However, we won't be offended if you prefer doing the hard work yourself and choose to order our fabrics by the metre. Either way, get a few free samples or as many supersize swatches as you want. If you're in London, drop into our showroom to see everything on display.

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You Also supersize swatches
Our supersize fabric samples will give you a clearer concept of how your fabric will look in your home. If you send them back to us when you are finished, we will refund the cost straight in to your account, including postage.

Feel free to order as many samples as you want to ensure that you are crazy about your curtains. If you have any queries call us on 0845 5000 400.

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about us
What Are We All About?
A simple answer to a simple question?  We offer high quality made to measure curtains, blinds and accessories in a wide range of beautiful fabrics on an easy to use website at good prices and delivery times all served with a very high level of customer service.  And breathe.....!  Oh and everything is made in the UK.  We like to think we do all that pretty well as some of our customer feedback suggests.  You can read some of it here.

Where possible, we only use 100% natural fabrics. However, some of our fabrics may sometime contain a small amount of synthetic fibre (no more than 10%) to help them hang better and reduce creasing. We believe that as well as being inherently more attractive, natural fabrics are ethically superior to synthetic alternatives. Details of all of our fabrics are available online, but feel free to give us a call if you ever have any questions.

The Customer is King (or Queen!)
Contrary to how many companies still do business, we understand that the customer pays our wages and therefore deserves our attention if there’s any kind of problem – without sitting on hold for a long time. In the event of a query or problem, we will do our very best to try to troubleshoot or remedy the situation.

Energy Conservation
Fitting a good pair of curtains is the simplest way to reduce your energy consumption.  As well as offering thick, warm and interlined curtains, we also offer a thermal insulating lining which insulates your home instead of heating your neighbourhood. We also offer thermal blinds that reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

The Environment
The Natural Curtain Company is environmentally aware and we strive to implement and improve measures to minimise our environmental impact, from recycling office waste to improving packaging and transport systems.

We really value our employees and the contribution they make to the company and to its success. We provide good working conditions and pay and, as far as possible, make sure our suppliers have the same values.

Other Bits and Bobs...
Here at the Natural Curtain Company, we are proud to win accreditation from the Ethical Company Organisation which produces the Ethical Shopping Guide. You can read more about the award and the organisation and even order yourself a copy of the Ethical Shopping Guide at

The Natural Curtain Company is recommended by The Good Shopping Guide.

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