Get Free Sample 'Parimal' Aroma Agarbathi Pack !! Parimal Agarbathi

Get Free Sample 'Parimal' Aroma Agarbathi Pack !! Parimal Agarbathi

'Parimal' the world leader in fine incense sticks

Parimal is an industry-leading manufacturer of high quality incense, with over half a century of experience. Having its origin in the ‘Gandhi Flour Mills & Perfumery Works’, the ideals of quality, brand value, packaging & unconventional product design are etched into the very fiber of the organization.

Our incense products are prepared in the traditional way - they are hand crafted. They offer to the valued customers a wide palette of fragrances & array of products that occupy a unique niche in the marketplace. Our mission is to Captivate the world through enchanting fragrances. Our strategy is founded on quality products, competitive pricing and reliable service.

The raw materials are sourced from a committed and established supply lines, of over 50 years, from across the world. We adopt such processes, that have met the test of time and are constantly fine-tuned. Each step has expert supervision. And, to ensure total product integrity and innovative development we have our own backward integrated printing and packaging division which is one of top-of-line in the industry in Bangalore. Our employees are passionately involved at every stage. All this with technology enabled monitoring and quality auditing.

Today, we have grown to be a global company with strong presence in over 35 countries and a dazzling array of innovative and unique incense brands. We pioneered branding in the Agarbathi industry. Our production exceed over 750 tons, a year. If the incense sticks produced in a year are lined up, they will encircle the earth, over 40 times. Deeply committed to conserving the environment, our entire production cycle is environment friendly and based on natural products. We use scientific methods of product source cultivation and harvesting. Our facilities generate no polluting effluents whatsoever and there are no hazardous processes in our manufacturing cycle, which use minimal electric consumption. Our concern for nature springs from within our business activity.

Parimal is a consumer-centric company – we continually keep an eye on consumer preferences, all over the world, and design new products to meet those demands.

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