Get Free sample of Snuff !!

Get Free sample of Snuff !!

How to take Snuff
  Instructions and hints how to take Snuff.
Small portions: start with portions smaller than a pea
Sniff carefully: the Snuff should remain in the front part of your nose
Sneezing allowed: this will abate over time and actually feels quite relieving
Different types: find the right one according to your taste
  There are several versions of taking Snuff, without the help of special accessories:
Put the Snuff on the back of your hand and sniff it carefully with your nose.
Use the small dimple between thumb and forefinger to place the Snuff there.
Use the dimple between thumb and arm, which is formed when stretching the thumb.
Grab the Snuff with the tip of your thumb and forefinger and head it to your nose to snuff it.
Wrap your index finger around the end of your thumb. Tap snuff into the abyss formed by thumbnail and index finger, sniff.
  How long you keep the Snuff in your nose depends on your individual preferences. Some minutes should be enough for the taste to develop and to feel the stimulating effect of the nicotine. In addition, an increased production of nasal discharge should evolve. If you feel you need to get rid of it, just use a handkerchief.

There is no big difference between taking dry or moist Snuff. Usually, dry Snuff is more finely ground and contains more nicotine than moist Snuff. Therefore, you need smaller portions of the dry one and you should sniff it less intense, to avoid it hitting your throat.

Snuff should remain in the front part of the nose. There, the taste and the nicotine have their best effects.

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