Lose Weight Naturally Get First Free Consultation !! Health Total Anjali Mukerjee

Lose Weight Naturally Get First Free Consultation !! Health Total Anjali Mukerjee

Benefits of Health Total 
- Easy to Follow in busy city life
- Only 15 minutes a week to lose upto 2 kilos
- Glowing skin and improved energy
- No machines, tucks or body gels

Clients following our program, on average, lose 1-2 kg per week. Restrictions apply. Results may vary from person to person

Anjali Mukerjee Diet Plan, How to Lose weight naturally, Eat healthy & stay fit with Anjali Mukerjee Health Total.

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Anjali Mukerjee Health Total Pvt. Ltd. Terms & Conditions

You acknowledge that you are not:
Clients above 50 years of age/ below 18 years of age
Clients who are diabetic(insulin dependent)/ diabetic,
Clients who are pregnant or less than six weeks
post partum,
Taking steroids,
Facing kidney related disorders,
Angiography/ angioplasty done before 3 months,
Epileptic clients,
Undergone any major surgeries 6 months back,
Nervous system related complications/tumour,
HIV positive clients,
Liver problems,
Lactating 3 months, You acknowledge that any questions concerning your health and your ability to participate in the Weight loss program, including the need for changes in medications, have been discussed with your doctor, or will be discussed with your doctor, before you enroll. You acknowledge that you are responsible for your own health and will inform your doctor if you experience any changes in your health while you enroll in the Weight loss program.

Amounts paid for Weight loss program fees are non-refundable.
This Agreement is personal to you and may not be transferred to another person.

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