Contest !! Invite And Win Premium Razors !!

Contest !! Invite And Win Premium Razors !!

Be the First to Know When We Launch & Earn Free Stuff

Welcome to ShaveMOB, where you can save 70% on premium razors without recurring membership fees or shipping costs.  Where saving green and being green are equally important. Where the harmony of top quality razors and savvy shoppers blend together as a clean shaven mob. A ShaveMOB.

We'll Let You Know When We Launch. In the meantime...

Friends Don't Let Friends Get Ripped Off.

You've joined the ranks of the smartest shavers on earth. You're tired of overpaying for razors and are about to save hundreds of dollars each year.  Be a hero and bring your friends to the party.

Get 5 friends to enter their email and earn 2 free months of our most popular razor.
Get 20 friends and earn 6 free months.
Get 50 friends and earn a free year of our premium razor.
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